Porfirio Sanchez Galindo: Scaling the Heights of Media

Entertainment sector is one of the most profitable sectors in the world today. This statement can be backed up with finality by one of the most sought after media company in Mexico and the world at large; Grupo Televisa. Grupo Televisa does not need any introduction its name precedes its reputation. However, what most people need to know about this company is the man behind this great success: Porfirio Sanchez Galindo.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is one of the most celebrated media personalities we have today. Competent and professional in the industry, Mr. Galindo has achieved more than what could ever have been expected of him. Galindo took the helm of leadership of Grupo Televisia in 2006 after working for a period of six years as the Chief of Staff in the Mexican Finance Ministry. Instead of joining World Bank, Porfirio took the Director General’s position in charge of economic analysis and special projects offered to him by Alfonso de Angoitia, Grupo Televisia’s Executive Vice president. Through commitment and hard work, Mr. Parfirio has been able to rise up the ranks to the position he holds now, the International Vice President in the editorial division.

The achievements enjoyed by Parfirio Sanchez and the company can be attributed his educational background and industry experience. Parfirio holds a Computer science degree from Carnegie Mellow University. In addition to this, he has other degrees from other institutions that included; Bachelors of Science, Applied Mathematics- ITAM and an Executive Business education degree- Stanford Graduate Business School.

About Grupo Televisa


Grupo Televisa is an international media conglomerate that is located in Mexico but enjoys presence in over 50 countries globally. It is under the strong leadership of Sanchez that this company has been able to enjoy huge success such as the YOO project. YOO is a marketing project that helps the company package and distributes TV and internet services in Mexico. This project has been able to bring a lot of success to Grupo Televisia making it unrivaled in the market.

Good leadership is the backbone of any successful business. Mr. Porfirio is proof of this. The next time you enjoy your favorite program at least you will be able to put a name behind the quality programs you are getting.