Eric Lefkofsky and His Tempus Role

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and founder of Tempus. Under his auspices this
technology company has built an operating system to battle cancer.This company through its research allows physicians to personalize the care of their cancer patient.
What Eric Lefkofsky has done is to found a company which is researching ways of treating cancer. Why did he do this? It stemmed from watching a family member
being treated for this terrible disease. His goal was to bring new and innovative technology to the doctors who are in the front lines treating these patients.
Tempus analyzes data so that physicians have real time data to treat their patients based on analytics drawn from other cancer patients. They are trying to build precision oncology.
Tempus has built software that physicians can utilize and obtain information so they can treat their patients better without having to waste all of their time researching answers.
Tempus has created this software to make the physicians work easier . This allows the doctor more time with the patient and less time comparing data that may be out there.

Tempus is not the only endeavor where Eric Lefkofsky is involved. He also wrote a book which he called “Accelerated Disruption.” This is explained as how a business “misses the boat “by not realizing that “technology can allow a challenge to come from anywhere.This is what the book states. This book was written by Eric Lefkofsky . In it he expresses that in order to compete and to emerge and grow in the coming years they have to improve their technology. Also he stressed that the right companies need to be chosen to be innovated.
Eric Lefkofsky is not only the CEO of Tempus but he is a trustee in many other
organizations like the Lurie’s Children’s Hospital of Chicago,The Steppenwolf Theatre. Eric Lefkofsky”s philanthropic endeavors reach to wide domains, He even has started a foundation with his wife. It is called the Lefkofsky Family Foundation.
This foundation has under its umbrella many businesses and schools .Under Education the schools that are under this part of the umbrella ,each has a different thing that they bring to the table to enhance a child’ Another facet under this umbrella is human rights. It incorporates such companies as The Human Rights Watch and The Jewish United Fund . Both have human rights in their scope of
The world is a better place for having Eric Lefkofsky in it because he uses his entrepreneurial skills to make a better world. And his later skills have proven to benefit mankind in the best possible way. He founded a company which is working diligently to help rid the world of cancer.
They are doing this by testing patient’s blood and arriving at the conclusion of what genotypes can make a person more prone to getting cancer in their lifetime and what type. Then they place this information on their software and send this information to physicians treating cancer in their patients. Eric Lefkofsky,entreprenuer extraordinaire.

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Seattle Genetics and Clay Siegall Launch New Oncology Treatments

The banner on Seattle Genetics proclaims “Focused on unmet medical needs in oncology”. The company has released a number of new treatments for various cancers since January, 2016. The company is engaged in clinical trials which are posted on its website. The focus is on various lymphomas, leukemia and several solid based tumor types, among other research.

Successful new medications have been developed under the leadership of Clay Siegall. They have received recognition and approval in the United States, Canada and in Europe. Educationally Dr. Siegall‘s background includes a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. His Ph.D. in Genetics was conferred by George Washington University.

Clay Siegall, PhD. Is a trained scientist. He is giving much needed clinical attention to the development of targeted cancer therapies; Dr. Siegall shows his passion for helping patients as he leads his company in developing therapies for cancers that have received little attention. He is known for scientific innovation through meticulous research and demonstrates high standards in drug development practices.

Dr. Clay Siegall is co-founder of Seattle Genetics as well as being the Preside, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of that same company. In addition he serves on the boards of directors of several other research focused biotechnology companies such as gentyx and Mirna. He is a leader in the field of research and treatment and holds fifteen patents.

Dr. Siegall’s professional history includes the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the National Cancer Institute, and the National Institutes of Health prior to the founding of Seattle Genetics in 1998. Seventy publications in the medical field list him as an author.

The field of oncology is fortunate to have Clay Siegall involved in working for treatments of underserved diagnoses. His company, Seattle Genetics, does well both in research. It also offers a very profitable investment opportunity. As a leader Dr. Clay Siegall has his steady hand on the research, development and financial aspects of Seattle Genetics. It is a company that will be strong in the future, both in trading and in training and development of future research for the service of people with unmet treatment needs for their cancers.

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