Nine9 – What They can Do for You

Nine9 is known for helping new actors get the insight that they need to gaining all the knowledge for achieving a future in this industry. Nine9 is known for being the Unagency because they don’t work like an ordinary agency. Agents work very differently and don’t deliver the same amount of help that Nine9 can do. If you are looking for legitimate ways to get seen by amazing casting directors, Nine9 has all the right people to help move you forward and get noticed with the help of their marketing services. Their marketing services are capable of helping you be more marketable and be seen as a reliable performer you can rely on and read full article.

Nine9 is immeasurably known for their work throughout the industry as helping new talent get noticed. Getting access to auditions for example is very difficult. Being able to walk in to the audition room and actually know how to present yourself is also tough and not all that easy. It’s extremely difficult and requires more energy than you think. Nine9 takes care of it all. Want to know how to get auditions? Nine9 will provide you with legit audition opportunities. You’ll slowly start to learn from trial and error and get actual experience. Want to know how to ace those auditions and get the role? You can do that with the help of Nine9’s incredible staff and team who can give you great advice and thorough information and what Nine9 knows.

Nine9 is ultimately the best place to be because they know how to provide efficient and reliable service, and they are always willing to help anybody new get the right headstart. Information and knowledge can come a long way in an industry like the acting world. With the right help, you can land big roles and gain experience to progress in this industry and Nine9 on Facebook.

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Stock as Collateral More Popular When Seeking Capital, Equities First Holdings Finds

As banks continue to limit access to working capital through loan qualifications, borrowers are becoming more clever in how they get around this hurdle. In seeking ways to boost investments and pursue business interests, some investment firms are noticing a creative trend emerging.

Al Christy, Founder and CEO of Equities First Holdings (EFH) has seen stocks become more attractive to borrowers as collateral when going about securing capital. Through stock-based loans borrowers have found that they have an increased probability for returns and lower risk throughout a transaction than other methods of borrowing.

One of the biggest advantages, Christy has pointed out, is the sharp decline in risk through stock-based loans. This class of loan entitles the borrower to a degree of freedom by allowing them to leave any given stock despite depreciation, allowing them to continue with the loan without maintaining obligation to the lender. This also means that the borrower isn’t beholden to restrictions the lender may wish to impose on the capital, meaning they have no say in how it is eventually spent. Add to that fixed interest rates with a loan-to-value ratio of 50:75 and it’s easy to see why stock-based loans are quickly increasing in popularity.

According to Christy, lenders with predatory practices may have intentionally overlooked these options for their partners in the past, placing a borrower’s collateral into open markets and failing to return stocks at the end of a transaction. But at EFH, stock-based borrowing is an option that’s being explored with more regularity due to its diminished risk and increased reward and more information click here.

About Equities First Holdings:

Since 2002 Equities First Holdings has made sense of the dynamic world of business and investment by operating in disparate markets all over the world. Meeting challenging requests from valued clients in Hong Kong, London, Australia, or any of their offices around the world, Equities First Holdings has managed to generate returns to their clients in excess of $1.4 billion.

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Mike Baur Devoted to Helping Swiss Startups

Mike Baur is the co-founder and managing Partner of Swiss Startup Factory. The company was founded in 2014 and aims at creating global companies that conduct business in a manner different to the existing rules, products, and business models. The company is Switzerland’s leading privately run early stage ICT Startup Accelerator.

The firm offers a three month program that provides startups with a number of vital services. Investors setting up a business are provided with financing, coaching and mentoring to assist them start the addition, they are provided with office space and given access to a wide network of other entrepreneurs. The company is committed to turning startups into global firms through the provision of all the required services. Swiss Startup Factory, through its startup accelerator program, is helping new companies in Zurich expand rapidly by using an approach completely different from the current norm.

The highly successful Swiss entrepreneur has worked in the banking industry for over 20 years.

In January 2016, Mike Baur became the Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Startup Invest, a leading platform for Swiss High-Tech startups. The firm supports new investors by value-added activities for start-up companies in the high-tech sector. He is also the director and co-founder of Swiss Startup Association. The firm specializes in providing a more start up friendly environment through an improved legal, regulatory and tax environment for startups in Switzerland. The company also seeks to increase social and political awareness of the startup environment in the country.


His other leadership positions have been in such firms as Innovation Lab Fribourg, a company that provides avenues for student entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market. At the company, he served as Vice President. He also worked as Head of Private Banking at Sallfort Privatebank AG where he worked as Head of Private Banking. Besides SSUF, Baur has also founded other companies such as think reloaded AG and Baur IS. He also worked as Head of Private Banking Switzerland at Clariden Leu. For more than seventeen years, Mike Baur worked in various leadership positions in UBS before leaving in 2008 to join Clariden Leu.

The veteran banker is proficient in English, Deutsch and Französisch. The University of Rochester New York graduate a master’s degree in Business Administration. Additionally he has an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. He uses his vast experience, skills, and resources to enhance youth entrepreneurship in Switzerland and devotes his efforts to supporting their startups.