Baryshnikov Dancing Back in Time

When you hear the name Mikhail Baryshnikov you immediately see one of the world’s most prolific dancers. After defecting to Canada in 1974 Mikhail has danced with the New York City Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre. Just a few of Mikhail’s talents are dancer, artistic director, choreographer and Academy award nominated actor. Mikhail continues to amaze audiences with his undeniable talent. With his magnetic spirit and amazing moves he has continued to introduce ballet to new eyes.

From another time in ballet the name Vaslav Nijinsky would have been the name you uttered when speaking of amazing dancers. A Russian dancer from the 1900’s Nijinsky was said to be one of the most talented dancers in history. Nijinsky’s life and loves were difficult and his decline into mental illness is captured in the new production, “Letter to a Man”.

With the assistance of the incredible eye of Robert Wilson visual artist and playright, you are taken on an emotional trip through the journal writings of Vaslav Nijinsky. Robert Wilson is known for his very avant garde style and use of lighting and movement. Nijinsky’s writings lead the audience through his torturous thoughts and relationships. His relationship with on again off again lover and Ballets Russes founder Sergei Diaghilev bring you to the depths of his psyche. Nijinsky’s struggle with feeling alone, scared, and a multitude of other emotions are brought to life beautifully. The show will be highlighted with the music of Hal Willner’s score and songs by artists like Henry Mancini and Alexander Mosolov.

This amazing production will be playing at Brooklyn’s Academy of Music Theatre from October 15 to the 30th. The BAM Theatre in Brooklyn is a 150 year tradition of showing incredible productions and being a home to artists in all genres. For audiences there is so much to enjoy at BAM and this production of “Letter to a Man” will definitely be one of those that will leave its mark.