The Tony Awards celebrate the best of live Broadway theatre each year

In 2017, the Tonys occur on June 11. This year’s ceremony celebrates the wide variety of Broadway offerings from the classic to the latest. According to the Huffington Post, there are 8 Broadway shows that theatre fans should know (

1) Dear Evan Hansen
Nominated for Best Musical, “Dear Evan Hansen” is musical created by songwriters Justin Paul and Benj Pasek – the team behind the critically acclaimed movie “La-La-Land”. Dear Evan Hanson stars Ben Platt.

2) Sweat
Pulitzer Prize winner “Sweat”, written by Lynn Nottage, is nominated for Best Play. Sweat is a story that examines the lives of a group of factory workers living and working in a small town in Pennsylvania.

3) The Little Foxes
“The Little Foxes” is nominated for Best Revival of a Play. Little Foxes is a period piece that takes place in small Alabama town during the 1900’s. It stars Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon who exchanged roles during the play’s run.

4) Falsettos
Nominated for Best Revival of a Musical, “Falsettos” tells the story about the impact of divorce and a father professing his homosexuality on a family that struggles to stay together.

5) Hello Dolly
“Hello Dolly” is a classic nominated for Best Revival of a Musical. Broadway actress Bette Midler makes her comeback in the role of Dolly Gallagher Levi.

6) Jitney
Written by playwright August Wilson, “Jitney” is nominated for Best Revival of a Play. Jitney tells the story of unofficial taxi drivers in the 1970’s who transported working class African Americans in the Pittsburgh Hill District when others refused them transportation.

7) Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812
Nominated for Best Musical, this complex, interactive show is based on a section of “War & Peace” and stars Josh Groban.

8) The Present
Actress Cate Blanchette is nominated for Best Actress in this play based on an unfinished Chekhov title.

Cher Will Produce an Autobiographical Broadway Musical

Cher has had an amazing career that has spanned more than 50 years. She has been a success in music and in acting. She even won the Oscar for Best Actress. There is really nothing she has not accomplished. However, she is not ready to fade away into the sunset at age 71. In fact, there will be a Broadway musical about Cher’s life that will debut in 2018. She recently made the official announcement. However, she did not reveal any other substantial details about the show. It will feature many of Cher’s most famous songs. The show will be directed by Jason Moore and written by Rick Elice.


The musical will be unique because it will not simply have one actress portraying Cher. There will be three actresses playing Cher at different ages. The casting process is currently underway. Cher did not reveal any info regarding any of the actresses who might be playing her. She also did not say if any casting decisions were final as of yet. There was also no official announcement about the theater on Broadway where the show will be performed. That detail is most likely still be booked at the present time.


Cher has talked on several occasions about producing a musical about her life. However, it has never come to fruition until now. She said that she was too busy earlier in her life to commit the time that was needed to personally oversee the project from start to finish. She has said that she wanted to be directly involved because the show is about her life story. Therefore, there is nobody better to tell it than her. Now she is older and she does not have as many irons in the fire. She has the time to sit through auditions and rehearsals for the show and give her input. She said that she can’t wait for opening night so an audience can see all the hard work that has gone into the show.


A Musical Based on ‘Margaritaville’ Will Open Soon

Jimmy Buffett is probably the wealthiest and most successful one-hit wonder in the history of the music business. He has marketed his 1970s song ‘Margaritaville’ in about every way possible. He has been able to sell his loyal fans a wide variety of products over the past 40 years. They seem to be willing to buy every product he introduces to the marketplace. You might have thought Jimmy Buffett had officially run out of ideas. However, you would be wrong. He has decided to attempt to conquer Broadway with the release of an ‘Escape to Margaritaville’ musical that is set to open March 18, 2018. It will make its debut at the Marquis Theater.


The plot of the show involves a bartender who falls in love with a tourist. Buffet also plans to open the show in Chicago, Houston and New Orleans before the eventual opening of the show on Broadway. Many people might be skeptical about the ability of an aging musician to make a successful Broadway musical. However, you must never disregard the loyalty that Buffett’s fans have for anything he does. These people sell out every show he performs. Therefore, it is entirely possible that the musical will be a smash hit in whatever city it is performed in.


One of the best things about a musical with Jimmy Buffett’s name on it is the fact that it will be totally critic proof. It will not matter if the show gets horrible reviews. His fans will go to see it anyway. Most Broadway shows get very nervous when the first reviews are published because getting bad reviews could hurt ticket sales. This show will not be impacted at all if the reviews are overly negative, which is a distinct possibility. Buffett said that he decided to try a musical because he wanted to do something different at his age. He just wanted to see if he could be successful in a new area of show business.