A Broadway-Style Comedy Musical Will Tackle 80s Slasher Films

If you like campy 80s horror and musicals, you may well love “Slashed! The Musical” (STM). Entirely crowdfunded by fans, this new musical has a delightful concept. Featuring seven original songs done in 80s style, this musical comedy is playing in Los Angeles this coming June. Directed by the infamous Chelsea Stardust, this musical is set in a fictitious summer camp called Camp Doom. Although the musical will feature a masked madman hacking his way through innocent camp counselors, this show is obviously going for laughs, not scares. The show will feature original music from Sean Keller. I feel this Broadway-style show has a lot of potential.


Based on the talented tema involved in the creation of STM, I believe that this musical is going to impress a lot of people. After all, most people have seen enough slasher films that they are fully familiar with the cinematic tropes that STM lampoons. As a musical, STM is able to explore some fairly grim material with a sense of fun and lightheartedness. Based on what we know about this musical, it looks like you don’t have to be a fan of horror or slasher films to enjoy this musical thoroughly. I hope that I am able to see STM live at some point. As you might already know, there is something magical about seeing a musical live in its first run. If I’m not able to see this show live, I may be able to see this show on DVD at some point. Hopefully, this musical will ultimately receive a film adaptation, which will see this concept going full circle.


Like any musical, STM will live or die on the quality of its music. If the songs are catchy and thought-provoking, this musical will make a lasting impression. If the initial press buzz is any guide, this show has strong chances of success. I am a firm believer that the public should give this fascinating new artwork a chance. As a fan of 80s slasher films, I feel in my heart that this could be one of the best new musicals of the decade.