Othello Off Broadway to Star Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo

Last fall, Daniel Craig returned to his prominent role as the super British spy James Bond in Spectre. Soon, this fall, he will grace the stage as a villain instead. Craig will team up with another British star – David Oyelowo – for an Off Broadway rendition of Shakespeare’s classic Othello masterpiece. Craig has already appeared in a few shows in the Broadway circuit himself, including a 2013 role in “Betrayal” and a 2009 role in “A Steady Rain.” It’s sure to be a hot ticket for theatre season, with Craig as Iago and Oyelowo in the titular role as Othello.

New York Theater Workshop will put the play up, which is a renowned nonprofit organization. The New York Theater Workshop is well respected in the artist community. They will perform in an intimate venue that seats less than 200 people. While the production schedule is still up in the air, a date of late 2016 has been confirmed by the theater.

Sam Gold is signed on as director. He is quite in demand in New York, and recently won the Tony Award for “Fun Home,” which was a musical he worked on. He has also contributed to Annie Baker’s collaborations that earned a Pulitzer Prize. It will be his first time directing a Shakespeare production in a professional manner. Gold reportedly chose the New York Theater Workshop due to its history of providing directors with a lot support and because of the close setting. Gold also said that he would be fundraising to bring the resources available for the production up to a more manageable level.

Apparently, the history of the genesis of this play with its current cast started with Daniel Craig reaching out to Gold after seeing some of his work. Craig reportedly wanted to work with the director on a play, and Othello seemed to fit the bill. With Oyelowo as the powerful main character (which he can pull off as he did in the film “Selma”), the production is sure to wow crowds. The only question is, will there be enough room for everyone who wants to go? It seems that the answer will depend on how many days they plan to run the show for, and at what cost they are selling for.


Based on the story of one of America’s Founding Fathers, the hip-hop musical “Hamilton” had been nominated in about sixteen categories for the Tony Awards. The categories for which it was nominated include directing, writing, acting, music, design and dance, just to mention a few. Based on a recent report, the Broadway Production had the hottest ticket in town, having sold out well until next year. The show also reportedly earned %500,000 per week and has surpassed the $1billion in ticket sales in the “big apple” alone. However, the question is, how did Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator, succeed in building such an impressive brand?


Mr. Miranda explains that this brilliant idea was born when he read a biography on Alexander Hamilton. He was impressed, and there-in saw a person who embodied hip-hop, as a genre and culture. Instead of the age-old Broadway songs, Mr. Miranda decided to focus on hip-hop in his production. He then based his entire show on this one historical figure, Alexander Hamilton. He features some of these legend’s influences, ranging from Big Pun to Julie Andrews.


Mr. Miranda further confesses that he the musical was inspired by the thought to create something unique and exciting. In an industry where a lot of startups seem to capitalize on other genuine ideas, Mr. Miranda decided to stand out from the crowd and produce a show that was original and inspired by a real historical figure.


The creator of “Hamilton” was mentioned in an article in Rolling Stone. He describes an encounter with hip-hop legend LL Cool J. Mr. Miranda asked the rapper whether he would make any more music, and the rapper responded with an inspiring quote, “I don’t want to make something that is not a classic.” To Mr. Miranda it seemed as if LL Cool J meant that he didn’t want to work in marble, and so when the rapper attended his show he said to him, “I tried to work in marble, sir.”


Mr. Miranda searched to reach the unattainable with his original production, ‘Hamilton.’ Having in mind that the theater and hip-hop cultures rarely cross paths, Mr. Miranda’s production had both cultures appreciating each other through Broadway. This brilliant producer keeps track of his shows performances by noting some of his most distinguished attendees. Some of them, who have admitted to loving his work, include Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Andre 3000, Eminem and Nas.