Cher Will Produce an Autobiographical Broadway Musical

Cher has had an amazing career that has spanned more than 50 years. She has been a success in music and in acting. She even won the Oscar for Best Actress. There is really nothing she has not accomplished. However, she is not ready to fade away into the sunset at age 71. In fact, there will be a Broadway musical about Cher’s life that will debut in 2018. She recently made the official announcement. However, she did not reveal any other substantial details about the show. It will feature many of Cher’s most famous songs. The show will be directed by Jason Moore and written by Rick Elice.


The musical will be unique because it will not simply have one actress portraying Cher. There will be three actresses playing Cher at different ages. The casting process is currently underway. Cher did not reveal any info regarding any of the actresses who might be playing her. She also did not say if any casting decisions were final as of yet. There was also no official announcement about the theater on Broadway where the show will be performed. That detail is most likely still be booked at the present time.


Cher has talked on several occasions about producing a musical about her life. However, it has never come to fruition until now. She said that she was too busy earlier in her life to commit the time that was needed to personally oversee the project from start to finish. She has said that she wanted to be directly involved because the show is about her life story. Therefore, there is nobody better to tell it than her. Now she is older and she does not have as many irons in the fire. She has the time to sit through auditions and rehearsals for the show and give her input. She said that she can’t wait for opening night so an audience can see all the hard work that has gone into the show.


Box-Office Picks for Movies Hitting the Theaters this Weekend

On the 26th of January, 2017, Screen Rant published the latest week’s box office prediction. This is published by Screen Rant every week to help the audience decide on what to watch for the upcoming weekend. Their prediction for this weekend includes Split in the number one position, A Dog’s Purpose in the number two position, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in the third position, Hidden Figures in the fourth position and La La Land in the fifth position. After looking at the comparison of Screen Rant’s predictions last week to the actual scenario, I was impressed at how the predictions were almost entirely precise. Four out five predictions came true, so choosing which movies to watch this weekend based on their predictions is quite worth it.



Screen Rant’s Top Box Office Pick – Split


Screen Rant appears to be loving the movie, Split topping it again on the list for the second consecutive week. They had published a full box office wrap-up coverage of Split’s inaugural weekend at the very beginning of this week. The opening weekend had accumulated a massive $40 million. This movie is ideal for enthusiasts of the thriller/horror genre as almost all of the audience was awe-struck by the twisted ending delivered brilliantly by M. Night Shyamalan. This movie is expected to be one of the most hyped movies as it has already received countless positive reviews.



Screen Rant’s Number 2 Box Office Pick – A Dog’s Purpose


A Dog’s Surprise is expected to be a favorite for animal lovers since the story revolves around the magical effect pets have on the lives of their owners. In the story, the dog is shown to be reincarnated many times while contributing positively to the lives of all of its owners at every one of its birth. The movie has, however, received some negative reviews for showing the main character, the dog in a rather manipulated situation.



Screen Rant’s Third Box Office Pick – Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


The final part of the Resident Evil franchise is not expected to perform as highly as its previous installments. This is because of a few preliminary negative reviews accompanied by some noteworthy Oscar-deserving competitors. It is still expected that the movie will receive much love from its loyal fan base, predicted to hit its opening weekend at a disappointing $15.5 million. Overall it is expected to perform the lowest at the box office compared to any of the parts of the Resident Evil series.

Promotional Artwork For Anastasia: The New Musical Released

Musical lovers and the many fans of the 1997 historical epic film ‘Anastasia” released by 20th Century Fox got their first glimpse of promotional art work for the upcoming Broadway adaptation of the film on August 23, 2016. The promo art shows Anastasia a. k. a. Anya dancing down a bridge that separates the Kremlin and the Eiffel Tower. The new stage production opens at the Broadhurst Theater on April 24, 2017.


The story line is an imaginative retelling of the last days of the Russian empire with all the glamour, pathos, but little of historical accuracy. Anya is an amnesiac Anastasia who becomes separated from her sister Marie. One should note that this very unrealistic version of the last days of the Tzar in Russia was actually accepted as fact by a large number of film viewers.


Anya and a puppy named Pooka first venture to Saint Petersburg and eventually to Paris. Anya collects Dimitry and Vladimir as street-wise guides to her sister while escaping the clutches of Rasputin, communists, and Bartok, Rasputin’s evil minion. Dimitry and Anya eventually elope.


Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens, composer and lyricist for the film version, added two new songs to the much beloved repertoire for the Broadway adaptation. Darko Tresnjak is directing the production. Terrence McNally adapted the film script to the stage. Peggy Hickey is responsible for choreography. All of the people involved in the development of the stage adaptation of Anastasia are Tony Award winners. This fact could explain the premiere sellout at the Hartford Stage.


Christy Altomare stars as Anya. Derek Klena plays Dimitry.


Fans have been clamoring for a live film version of the original movie but no studio has been up to the task. Expectations are high for a long run for the stage adaptation based on the score alone. The film almost tripled its production budget in sales.


The still shots from the premiere also showed Altomare singing, a duet by Dimitry and Anya in Russia, and Anya’s first venture into Paris society as a rather underdressed waif.


All expectations are that Anastasia: The New Musical will be the biggest thing to hit Broadway in 2017. Odds makers are already making predictions for Tony Awards for the score and possibly for the lead.