Bette Midler Plays Dolly

Bette Midler at age 71 in the roll of Dolly Gallagher Levi, has made the musical play Hello Dolly one of the hottest tickets in Broadway. Since the play’s opening night on April 20, 2017 it has been sold out. Tickets for the play are as hard to find as for the musical Hamilton. Midler has revived the five-decade year old classic to a new young audience who find it very entertaining.


Hello Dolly with lyrics and music by Jerry Herman debut in 1964. It is based on Thomas Yonkers 1938 Broadway production Merchant of Yonkers. It has seen a few great leading ladies in the role of Dolly Levi. Pearl Bailey, Mary Martin, Danny La Rue and the name which has become synonymous with Dolly, Carol Channing. Channing in the debut role made the musical one of the most successful and memorable one in Broadway’s history. It won an unprecedented 10 Tony Awards in 1964, including best musical.


A young Barbara Streisand played Dolly in the film adaptation in 1969 Hello Dolly! The film was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including one for best picture. Anyone willing to take on the role of Dolly Levi has some pretty big shoes to fill and high expectations from the audience.


Midler’s performance in this fifth Broadway revival of the classic musical, as the widow matchmaker from Yonkers takes the audience from her initial entrance. With rasp in her voice you hear Channing, the showgirl performance you see Peal Bailey, combining all this together you have the Divine Miss M. She commands the stage and all eyes are on her. She will make you laugh, bring tears to your eyes and just feel good with her performance.


Midler is no stranger to the stage. She has played Broadway before in the role of Tzeitel in 1967 musical Fiddler on the Roof. She also won a special Tony Award for Adding Luster to the Broadway Season in 1974.



Michael Moore to Hit Trump on Broadway

Michael Moore is known for his bombastic and take-no-prisoners style. He has made multiple films and television shows, each with a clear political bent and a specific issue as its target. His movies like Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 created controversy and conversation all over the country. He was an avowed opponent of President Trump during the election last year, even though he was one of the first to warn of the possibility of the Republican candidate winning. From the state of Michigan, a state Trump won by around 10,000 votes despite its history of leaning Democratic, Moore has always had an inside look on the Rust Belt. His premiere film, Roger and Me, was about the disappearance of auto factory jobs in his home town.


Well now, it looks as if Moore plans to take his attitude and his wit to Broadway in a new play that targets the new president directly. He is putting together a one man show entitled “The Terms of My Surrender”, and he hopes it has a chance of taking Trump down a peg or two.


Moore has been somewhat cagey about the format of the new production. He claims that it will not be stand-up, and it will not be a TED talk. He will occasionally have others make appearances, and he promises that the topics will remain current as news develops. He called it, “…a very developed piece of entertainment for people who like to think.”


“I don’t know if I would call it a play; but it is a theater piece,” Mr. Mayer said. “There is going to be a certain amount of rabble-rousing. There’s a good chance we’ll have some surprise guests throughout the run, and some surprise postshow excursions that will vary night to night.”


While Moore’s theatrical experience is limited, his entertainment resume is quite extensive, including his movies, two television shows, multiple books, and internet videos. He promises something new and unique


The show will run for twelve weeks, beginning in July. He plans on doing eight shows per week.


New Broadway Shows To Watch Out

In a world where broadway and theatre is the perfect escape from reality, it pays off to watch a show that genuinely entertains you and keeps you on your toes following the story with genuine music and plot line so delicately written. Paste Magazine wrote an article on the best broadway shows to hit the town, and there is no doubt that their recommendations are some of the best out there.




The Lincoln Center Theater has been playing Oslo. A play about the world between Israel and Palestine, and the overall beautiful story enraptures within three stunning hours the human connection teaching the utter importance of genuine conversation. It wasn’t an early on favorite on Broadway, but it fails to disappoint and brings audiences to a new level of excitement.


Groundhog Day


Beautifully taking home two Olivier Awards, their story is keen and known for their stunning opening number. Australian musical comedian, Tim Minchin is the man behind the music in this play. Taking its bare story from the 20-year old film, Danny Rubin’s original screenplay is brought to life in this impressive musical with sounds and sights you won’t soon forget.


The article so blatantly speaks about brand new broadway plays and doesn’t mention anything regarding the old plays that are still breathtakingly still playing across New York and throughout the West End. The stunning shows like Wicked, The Lion King, Rent, among many other still reign supreme in the world of theatre, but the brand new shows definitely have struck a cord in the world of the industry. It’s such a powerful thing to watch a musical because of the music and the way the show captures the essence of true love for the arts. Certain shows and their songs just know how to do this day in and day out, and if you’re looking for an escape, watch these brand new broadway shows. Supporting the ones you like will only help make sure that show runs even into the future.


Broadway stems farther than what you’re used to hearing about regarding other shows that have been in existence for many years. Time will tell before we find a new show that reaches the acclaimed broadways shows like Wicked.