The Motivational Factors to Michael Terpin’s Success in the Brazilian Rally Championship

The Role of Sertoes the Event

Michel Terpin rose from a poor competitor in the motor cycle category at the Sertoes Annual Championship to one of the most famous rally driver in Brazil. Since this debut in 2002, he has worked hard building his profile as a career rally driver in the cross country rally championship. Talking about his career path, he mostly recognizes the role of the Sertoes Annual Competition to his astounding career. As the largest off-road event, the approximately 3300 kilometers stretch has almost impossible curves, dangerous ranges but still, it attracted many professional drivers. Among them, Michel Terpin competed for more than thrice before becoming the winner in the 22nd edition of the event. His tenacity also enabled him to win the same championship in the following the 2006 competition. Out of the 25 editions that the Sertoes Cross Country Championship held, he has participated in 11 of them making him a famous rally driver in the event.


Rodrigo Terpin’s Contribution

Still, in his path to stardom, Michel adversely mentions his brother Rodrigo Terpin having contributed immensely to his success. It is through his brother’s constant appeal that he landed his first stint in the T1 vehicle category as a junior driver. The sudden switch from motorcycle to cars was highly motivated by his brother who he later joined to form the Bull Sertoes Rally Team in 2004. Together with him, they formed a duo that proved industrious as they also brought the annual event to life through their constant participation.

Maykel Justo’s Experience

Additionally, Michel has also relied on Maykel Justo, who is an experienced navigator in the Brazilian Cross Country championship. With his vast experience in handling the T-Rex version of their car, he has commanded a lot of respect with the MEM who are the manufacturers of the T-Rex. In this regard, Michel Terpin convinced Michel of the power that the car had in encountering the hilly and mountainous regions that they encountered through their cross country rallies. Since they adopted it, Michel has enjoyed working with the car which he also attests to have contributed much in steering to him to his dazzling performances.