A Bright Future For Wengie On YouTube

YouTube has experienced a staggering amount of growth since it first arrived in 2005. Since, it has evolved into a platform for aspiring celebrities, based on those who have successfully utilized their YouTube channels to become enormously popular superstars. Furthermore, these so-called YouTube sensations may very well be the next incarnation of, in essence, ‘the celebrity culture’. In 2015, the current generation of YouTubers are composed of a wide range of people, many of whom have become well known for their individualistic approach to approaching niche groups using the video-sharing website. For youth across the globe, some of these figures represent a new wave of well-known heroes, like movie stars, professional athletes, or musician, these ‘YouTube’ rockstars have shown the potential for anyone to become a whole new kind of famous.

At the moment, it is Felix Arvid Olf Kjelberg or PewDiePie has taken the internet by storm, having become the leading YouTuber, with over thirty-nine million subscribers to his channel. Hailing from Sweden, PewDiePie offers eccentric, and occasionally profane video game commentary, showing him playing a variety of games while offering stream of consciousness narration, so that viewers experience his genuine reactions to whatever he happens to be playing.

New stars are being born every day, probably faster. One these stars is surely blogger, Wendy Huang, widely known as Wengie, the driving force behind The Wonderful World of Wengie. At the age of twenty-nine, the Australian-Chinese blogger has created a channel dedicated to beauty and health tips. She doesn’t wear make up, espousing a healthy diet she often shares. It looks like Wengie is up next.

Wengie has a holistic approach to beauty, and wants to promote positivity to her loyal fans across the world. Based in Australia, Wengie constantly contributes tutorials, in addition to product reviews and fashion trend articles. She loves to talk about what she knows, beauty and fashion. Wengie keeps her website and videos simple.