WEN No Lather Shampoo Turns Bustle Blogger’s Fine Frizz Into Smooth Shiny Hair

Some of us believe that the more lather we use in our shampoos, the better. However, it’s the lather that is actually weakening our hair and dulling it, because of the harsh detergents or sulfates included in regular shampoos.
West coast celebrity stylist Chaz Dean understands everything about hair, from the roots to the ends. He developed the famous WEN hair system to help women and men around the world maintain strong, shiny, manageable hair without using a lather shampoo.

Wen hair cleansing conditioners are formulated with natural botanical ingredients designed for all hair types. These gentle formulas are effective and clean and protect every strand, and that is one reason Bustle.com blogger Emily McClure wanted to try the brand. She was hoping it could transform her fine, frizzy locks into a Hollywood full, glossy mane. See results on http://www.wen.com/before-after.html.

Emily chose the Sephora FIG cleansing conditioner and decided to test WEN in a 7-day challenge, complete with a hair log and hair selfies. She did break one rule in the shower, because she felt that using 16-24 pumps of WEN product was too excessive, so she used less not to weigh down her medium length hair. However, the beauty of WEN’s formula encourages using the recommended amounts, because these unique cleansing conditioners aren’t like ordinary shampoos.

As long as Emily washed her hair with WEN hair every morning and then blow-dried and styled it, her hair looked amazing, as her selfies clearly show. Her girlfriends also noticed the major shine and healthiness of her hair. That made Emily feel good.

If Emily veered off the morning WEN hair wash, her hair fell flat and turned greasy quickly, according to her notes.

Emily decided that she was too lazy to stick to a proper WEN hair routine. Otherwise, it’s a system that delivers shine and volume.


Doe Deere Doesn’t Play By The Rules

In an era where feminism is becoming more and more mainstream it’s increasingly more important to know who the feminine icons are. Doe Deere happens to be one of them, but not in the way you might think. Fashion and beauty are important in our society, but that’s not going to make one worthy of admiration on it’s own.

Doe Deere is not only a fashion icon, but a business inspiration as well. Deere created the popular cosmetic line, Lime Crime. Make-up became a part of her life at a young age, and her skills really developed in her 20s. While her business began as an Ebay shop, it has certainly grown.

Deere began experimenting with looks in 2006, and developed her brand in 2008. She prides her brand on being different, breaking the rules, and thinking outside the box. As with any prominent figure, Deere does have her fair share of negative input. She deals with it simply by ignoring it; ladies, take note!

Deere pays special attention to live-out her company’s values. Bustle featured an article that outlines her best tips for breaking the most common fashion rules. The original article can be found here: http://www.bustle.com/articles/126827-doe-deere-of-lime-crimes-favorite-fashion-beauty-rules-to-break

Her best tips are:
DO try a bold lip with your bold eyeshadow, and DO mix your colors. It’s no fun keeping your make-up routine simple, and if you want to make a statement, why not be bold?! Who knows, breaking these two rules might give you a confidence boost.

There really is no wrong way to pair patterns, and as the old saying goes; the more, the merrier. Socks are not often thought of when putting a look together, but Deere says they can be used to make a statement.

If you have unnaturally colored hair try a neon colored shirt anyway, and don’t worry about dressing your age. While Deere believes in breaking the rules, she does say that it’s important to pay attention to the colors that are being mixed between hair and clothes.  As far as dressing your age goes, Deere says that if you like it, then it’s appropriate to wear.

“True style knows no age!”

Doe Deere Is Living Her Own Life

Many female entrepreneurs admire Doe Deere. Doe Deere has taken the world by storm within the last few years. Doe Deere is a European born woman that immigrated to New York when she was very young. Even in her native country of Russia, Doe Deere always had a love and passion and for colors. When she was younger, one of Doe Deere’s teachers told her that she would work in fashion one day. That is exactly what she did. After graduating from high school, Doe Deere decided that she was going to go to school for fashion. Doe Deere loved to sew and to incorporate colors in the clothes that she made. Doe Deere set up her own fashion store on eBay and she called it Lime Crime. In this fashion store she would sell different outfits, and she would display herself wearing these outfits.

Doe Deere had an awesome fan-base of individuals that liked to buy her clothing. Many of her fans commented on her makeup. These fans inspired her to want to create a cosmetic line. Doe Deere really had no idea how she was going to start up her cosmetic line; all that she had was a couple of hundred dollars and an idea. That money took her very far, and she was able to start up the Lime Crime cosmetic line. Now this cosmetic line is very popular, and women and men all around the world love to wear Doe Deere’s makeup.

Doe Deere did an interview with The Bustle about her fashion sense. She spoke about the fact that she does not allow society to mold her; Doe Deere makes her own rules when it comes to fashion. There are many fashion rules that people believe that they have to follow, but Doe Deere does not agree with those rules. Some of these fashion rules are the following: never wear open-toed high-heeled shoes with socks, never wear colorful eye makeup and colorful lipstick, never wear different patterned clothing, never wear unnatural colored hair with bright clothes and bright makeup, always dress for the occasion, and always dress your age. Even though many people believe that these are fashion trends that must be followed, Doe Deere believes that she can unapologetically follow her own rules.

She loves to change the color of her hair and she generally mixes her crazy colored hair with bright and colorful makeup and clothing. Doe Deere has always been a fan of socks, and she generally chooses to pair her cool and unusual socks with open toed shoes. Doe Deere loves to dress in any way that makes her feel happy and fun; it does not matter if it is the right outfit for the occasion or if anyone feels like she’s not dressing her age. Doe Deere does not allow society to control the way she looks or feels.