Historic Paris Theater Reopens With Sting Concert

In remembrance of those who lost their lives in the Bataclan extremist attack in Paris that happened almost to the day, the co-runner of the Bataclan theater, Jules Frutos, reopened the doors for a special concert performed by Sting.


The owners of the Bataclan did not want the venue to go unused after the incident, they did not want Bataclan to be a tomb. Instead the 1,500 seat theater was fully renovated, including being repainted. Some of the theater goers felt as is the horror of the event was still present, others felt surreal being in the Bataclan.


Of the thousand tickets sold for the event, several hundreds were reserved for survivors of the extremist incidents around Paris that claimed 130 lives. Psychologists and counselors were on hand for the Sting concert in support of the survivors. Sting paused at the beginning of the concert for a moment of silence in remembrance of last year’s attacks.


The Bataclan will be closed on Sunday, the actual day of the attack, and there will be several low key events held around Paris this weekend in remembrance of the survivors and victims of last year’s concert. A plaque will be installed on the outside of the Bataclan honoring those that passed at the venue.


What happened last year was horrific. No one was expecting an attack while eating, or enjoying a concert, but I am heartened by the fact that the human spirit has endured through all thank and tragedy. There seems to be the spirit of the whole Parisian community to quietly solider on and choose to live life.


I am beyond thrilled that the human spirit always chooses to endure tragedy and reach toward faith, love, and an understanding of the promises that tomorrow can offer. The iron determination of the French people is present in the fact that tickets for the Sting Bataclan concert sold out within the first thirty minutes of posting. And as for the Bataclan, the venue has already started scheduling events for the next week so that they can get back to a sense of normal.


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