Phantom Composer Claims To Have Discovered Rihanna 12 Years Ago

Viewers of the British morning news show, “Good Morning Britain” are accustomed to difficult interviews with outspoken host Piers Morgan, but the latest interview Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid held with Broadway composing legend Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber made uncomfortable viewing for the impresario who revealed his failure to sign pop superstar Rihanna. The Huffington Post has obtained video of the chat with the composer of “The Phantom of the Opera”, “Cats”, and “Jesus Christ Superstar” that shows Lloyd Webber admitting to not knowing how he would have worked with Rihanna after seeing her sing at a Barbados hotel.


Lord Lloyd Webber revealed he was dining at a hotel in Barbados with Nigel Wright, a TV executive who produced a number of talent shows in which he chose unknown singers to star in his West End shows, when Rihanna appeared with her band. Lloyd Webber went on to explain he and Wright believed the singer was “very, very good” but believed they may have been blinded the fact they were enjoying a vacation on the tropical island and regret the decision to sign the sometime actress when they returned to London. Closing the segment of the interview referring to Rihanna, Piers Morgan asked the composer if her had considered the amount of income he had lost by not signing the “Umbrella” singer, to which he admitted he was not proud of the decision.


The interview with Lord Lloyd Webber also saw a discussion on the way one of the most successful composers in the history of musical theater found inspiration for his productions. Explaining that inspiration can come from anywhere the “Chess” composer explained his latest production, “School of Rock” had been recommended by his wife who had chased the rights for seven years before finally securing them. Lloyd Webber revealed the need for an impressive story as a major part of the inspiration process and explained he felt “School of Rock” had a story his own children had enjoyed when they saw the movie.


Hamilton Reaches Diverse Crowd

The “Hamilton” play is very interesting for a mirage of different reasons. It has been getting stellar reviews, and it is being praised by tons of older people, but young people may like this play for a different reason. A lot of young people are going to look at this play and see American history in a different manner.


There are Latinos, African Americans and Asian Americans that get to see history through this play in a much different light. That is what Lin-Manuel Miranda has been able to do with his hit Broadway play “Hamilton.”


What people learn in school tends to be a very one-sided view of history. The text books have essentially made history something that has been dominated by white men. Miranda wanted to express history in a different type of way, and he wanted to make sure that it was a multicultural experience. That would be very important for young children that are growing up today. There has been black president in office, but there is still very little known about the influence of African Americans down through history. Latinos and Asians are barely mentioned in text books at all. Manuel was on a mission to correct that with his play.


He was able to do this because he presented history in a different way. The subject of history has never been all that entertaining. Never in the history of Broadway has a stage play come with mix tape. The “Hamilton” play introduces rap to stage plays along with a multicultural cast. This is a hard thing to do. It is evidence that there is an audience that was receptive of this type of content. That is why there has been so much talk about this on websites and talk shows. Magazines has interviewed Miranda. He has become this larger than life Broadway play creator that was simply looking for a different way to tell a different side of history.


This play is entertaining to most, but it does more than entertain for the youth. “Hamilton” has actually given the youth a sense of pride. It has allowed more people to tap into a greater sense of purpose now that they can witness people of color that helped shape America.


Jake Gyllenhaal To Open Newly Restored Broadway Theater

The Hudson Theater has been used as a number of different event spaces in recent years, including a recent period as part of a nearby hotel, but will soon return to its original use as a Broadway theater. The New York Times reports the British based Ambassador Theater Group has been working to restore the Hudson to its theater status with a major show to open the first run of performances at the site in 49 years.


In a bid to create a buzz around the newly restored Hudson Theater the Ambassador Group has been rumored to be searching for a major star and top quality performance that will open the site to critical acclaim; the Ambassador Theater group seems to have found their major production in the form of the Jake Gyllenhaal led “Sunday in the Park with George” musical that will be the first production staged at the restored site with previews beginning in February 2017.


This will mark the return to Broadway of Jake Gyllenhaal after a brief series of performances in the play “Constellations” is well known as a movie actor and has recently been linked to a number of Broadway productions; the “Donnie Darko” star was originally linked to a starring role in the play “Burn This” at the same theater, but pulled out of the production because of scheduling difficulties. The 964 seat theater’s opening is one of the most eagerly awaited on Broadway as many experts believe the short run of just ten weeks for “Sunday in the Park with George” my make it difficult for the initial production costs to be recouped.


Jake Gyllenhaal had originally taken the roles of Seurat and Georges in the musical that has music by Stephen Sondheim and a book by James Lapine that won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1985 at a four performance benefit in 2016. The critically acclaimed benefit production will be recreated in a more substantial form under the direction of Sarna Lapine, with Tony winner Annaleigh Ashford reprising her roles as Dot and Marie.