ClassDojo Gives Parents a Firsthand Experience of the Classroom

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 in San Fransisco, California, by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. It is a classroom communication platform which enables teachers, parents and students to interact seamlessly in real time. It is one of the finest education technology companies ever. The ClassDojo app has become a companion to millions of users in an estimated 90% of K-8 schools in the United States and 180 other countries.


The firm consists of a team of world designers, educators, and engineers. The professionals have profound experience in public and charter schools, and various electronic communication platforms such as Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Airbnb, Y Combinator, and Amazon, among others.


The firm received a $21 million Series B round of funding from investors towards the end of 2015. See CrunchBase for more info. The companies which made this contribution were General Catalyst, GSV Acceleration, SignalFire and Reach Capital. This influx of funds saw ClassDojo touch the $31 million mark in funding.


The company is spending the capital on expanding their team. They are also exploring the type of features and content suitable for parents using the app not only during the school hours but also at home.


The objective of ClassDojo is to enable the parents to gather detailed information about the activities that take place in the classroom. It will also help them to monitor the social behavior of the child. The founders say that before setting out to develop the app, they evaluated the many digital curriculums and testing platforms but none of them was completely user-friendly. They then decided to design one that would create a positive culture and community amongst parents, students, and their teachers.


Through ClassDojo, teachers make a daily program known to the parents from the ground up. They take pictures and capture videos of classroom activities and send them to the parents, keeping them abreast of the child’s development in classwork and co-curricular activities.


Future Projections of ClassDojo


The founders of the company promise to maintain high standards of data security. They say that if they feel like generating extra income, ClassDojo will add some premium feature that parents will pay to subscribe, but they will never trade children information. See this article on how ClassDojo plans to make money.


The company’s founders are optimistic that ClassDojo will grow into a social network platform like Snapchat or Facebook biased to the education sector. They hope that ClassDojo will allow parents to buy custom content like course books, videos, tutorials, and lessons appropriate for their children at home.
ClassDojo will also incorporate money transfer capabilities which parents will use to pay for things like tours, lunches, and other provisions which parents pay in cash or checks.


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ClassDojo is Breathing New Life into the Field of Education

ClassDojo is an education based app that is designed to help teachers to promote a positive classroom environment and to improve teacher/parent relationships. This technology has been around since 2011 and is now being used in 90% of all classrooms throughout the U.S. ClassDojo is helping educators and students to have a better classroom experience and school year.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don created ClassDojo to help students to be at their best. They also wanted teachers and parents to have a more streamlined form of communication. The duo were both former teachers who knew the struggles with classroom behavior and parental involvement in schools. Their solution was to make an app that would help to improve the parent/teacher dynamic.

ClassDojo is used by teachers to send updated photos and text messages about their child’s classroom behavior. Every time that a student does something positive their parents are notified about it through Class Dojo. Teachers can also send videos which highlight a student’s behavior as well.

Parents really enjoy the flexibility that ClassDojo provides. It allows them to meet with teachers when they simply do not have enough time on their schedule for a face-to-face appointment.

Chaudhary and Don both know that creating a positive learning environment is a key to student success. So they want to capitalize on this idea. They have worked hard over the years to make their application one of the best within the field of education.

ClassDojo is also used for other reasons than just notifying parents about their student’s behavior. It is used to send homework, to inform parents about special events and for tutorial assistance for children in need. Students can also receive special information and content related to their grade level and ability.

The app is available for people worldwide and is being used in foreign countries. Educators, parents and students can download it from Google Play or the App Store. Many educators enjoy this application and they say it is effective for helping to keep an open line of communications with parents.

ClassDojo is all about collaboration and support. This app does accomplish this goal and various members of the education community agrees that it does. ClassDojo is a solid tool for schools all over the country. It has helped to improve the education experience for many people who use it on a regular basis. This app does have the potential to change the education system within America for the better.

Skout Uses Their Application For Charity

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What Skout Does For Their Community

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