Shea Butter Made With Love

Shea Butter is that beauty product that many beauty advocates have grown to know and love. Most would even go as far as to call it a staple product in their beauty routine. Not only is shea butter all natural and comes from mother earth herself, it does wonders for our skin and health. The huge plus on top of all of that? The purchase of shea butter helps women, med and children across Africa, where it is produce and made, giving them the opportunity to better their lives by making shea butter. The higher the demand for this miracle product the better for these families.

Shea butter offers the enviable skin of a new born baby to many, and moisturized lips that will stay truly kissable for hours. Use shea butter in the winter, summer, fall or spring. It is a great beauty product to use all year around. The highlight of this amazing product is its wide use for minimizing stretch marks.

That right, stretch marks! Many new moms and those who would like to simply rid themselves of stretch marks can give shea butter a try. Of course, each person’s results will be based on various factors, but it has seen a great success rate. Shea butter can even be used for cooking, replacing butter if used in it’s purest form. That’s some great product that’s going on the skin, if it can be safely eaten as well.

EuGenia Shea Butter has a simply unique style of products featuring the wonderful ingredient, shea butter. The products form Eu-Genia are all made of natural raw shea butter. Since Eu-Genia Shea is a family owned business, there is a touch of sincerity that you simply cannot find anywhere else. The quality of the shea butter product produced, comes from the love of making the products that was passed down through many generations. Rest assured that the end are remarkable.

EuGenia Shea offer products that use varying amounts of shea butter. The lowest being “some shea”, this is recommended for daily use. “More shea”, is recommended for pregnancy use, and “most shea”, is recommended for dermatological use.