Kevin Spacey Will Host the 2017 Tony Awards

Kevin Spacey has been regarded as one of the most talented performers in show business for many years. He has portrayed many memorable characters on stage and screen. He has won Oscar and Tony awards for his acting brilliance. He is also a very talented singer. Therefore, Spacey was a very obvious choice to host the 2017 Tony Awards. This is the show that honors the greatest achievements in Broadway musicals and plays. Spacey has talked about hosting the Tony Awards for quite some time. However, he finally has the time this year to actually do it. Scheduling conflicts during the past several years have preventing Spacey from being able to commit the time needed for the rehearsals leading up to the event.


Kevin is best known for his acting in movies. However, he considers himself a stage actor first and foremost. He has said on many occasions that there is nothing quite as thrilling as being on stage in front of a live audience. He loves the rush of acting without a net. This is why he wanted to host the Tonys so badly. He will be able to honor other stage actors like himself. He has said that he has many surprises in store when he eventually hosts Broadway’s biggest night of the year.


Kevin Spacey has been asked how he has been able to stay relevant for so many years when other actors fade into obscurity. He says that he is not quite sure. He simply chooses projects that allow him to play characters that interest him. He really does not put much thought into the mass appeal of the project. His role on “House of Cards” came about because he simply wanted to play a scheming politician. He feels that many actors put too much thought into their career choices and they end up making bad decisions. Spacey has spent many years guiding his career using his gut instinct. He looks forward to hosting the Tony Awards.




A Sneak Peak At The Upcoming 2017 Theatre Tony Awards

Lee Seymour, a contributing writer to Forbes Magazine has published a piece in the magazine about the upcoming 2017 Tony Awards. This Tuesday, on May the second, the official nominees for the Tony Awards will be announced in the morning. The actual Tony Awards ceremony where the winners will be announced will take place next month on June 11th.


Seymour believes that this year’s 2017 Tony Awards could have lots of surprises and upsets. This year saw over 13 new musicals on stage in addition to 12 new plays. That is not it either. 12 older Broadway favorites have been brought back as well this year.


Most of the new plays and some of the continuing ones will not get any awards or nominations for that matter says Lee Seymour. However, the awards should be spread out more evenly and across the board this time. 2017 does not have a play such as Hamilton which dominated the awards proceedings last year. Lee Seymour says that lovers of the theatre should expect surprises.


So who will be judging at the Tony Awards? What favorite plays and Broadway musicals can you expect to be featured as nominees for this year? The judges of the Tony Awards are VIPs in the world of theatre. Many of them are past actors, journalists who cover the theatre scene and theatre buffs who support or fund the art of drama in one way or another. Seymour believes that this year’s panel of judges should be fair and not be as biased if it were up to the voters to decide the awards. This is good, considering that way too often, judges let their bias cloud their decisions or at other times may even lack understanding of the subject that they are judging. Combine this with a large amount of new shows hitting Broadway and this year’s awards should be exciting.


For best musical, the top three predictions for who will won are Dear Evan Hansen, Come From Away and Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet Of 1812 says Lee Seymour. In the best play, A Doll’s House, Part 2, Sweat and Indecent are the favorites to be winners. The best revival of a musical include Hello, Dolly! and Sunset Boulevard while best revival of a play has top contenders such as The Little Foxes and Jitney.