Betsy DeVos is the U.S.A secretary of education. The advocate of American education was selected by the president and confirmed by the senate as the 11th secretary of education.The secretary of education passion in education matters was kindled by her mother who was teaching in a public school. However, it’s not until she started educating her children that she was faced with the fact that not all American children get the same rights to education. When she noticed that it’s not all leaders were interested in the rights of children’s education she decided to delve deeper into the issue of providing all American children equal choices and chances for education.Her education initiative started in her children’s local school at Porter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids. Soon she ventured to the state level with various organizations such as the Alliance for School Choice and American Federation for Children among others. Betsy DeVos was an internal mentor for children who are at risk in public schools in Michigan’s Grand Rapids area. This experience changed her perspective in education. It seems her passion has grown to the biggest arena as she has now managed to reach the national level in her capacity as the secretary of education for the whole nation.

Prior to reaching the national level of education lobbying, Betsy DeVos led the educational choice movement of empowering American parents. The passionate educator championed the formation of new choices in education for learners in the Columbia District and 25 other states.Betsy DeVos job as the American Secretary for Education involves working with the president to advance the same educational opportunities for all American children. The education secretary believes that a child’s home, background and home district should not be a determinant of the quality of education that he/she gets. Her role in the government involves advocating for the organization of education to localities and states, making sure that higher learning opportunities ensure that students are successful, and empowering parents with the right to select the best educational settings for their children.

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Betsy DeVos is also a passionate philanthropist. She serves on various charity boards both at the local and national level. Some of them include the ArtPrize, Kids Hope USA, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and Kendall College of Art. She has also been passionate about politics and she was the chair of Michigan Republican Party for some years.Betsy DeVos attended the Calvin College and she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. The educator is married to Dick DeVos who is also a philanthropist, community activist, and entrepreneur. They started the Windquest Group which is a private investment company together. Mrs. DeVos serves as the chairman of the company. The couple has six grand children and four children.You can also visit her Facebook account :