Beneful leads the way

With the dog food market changing, Beneful is leading the way by providing customers with the products that they are demanding for their pets. While Beneful has a long relationship with customers in providing them with high quality foods that their customers are looking for, many customers are now seeking organic foods for their pets that approach the quality of foods that are available to any human in their local walmart grocery.

To meet this demand, Beneful has acquired Merrick Pet Care through their parent company, Nestle Purina, and has expanded their retinue of organic dog foods. Merrick Pet Care was the first fully certified organic dog food company in the United States and brings with it a lot of experience and expertise in making and selling organic dog food.

Customers are no longer interested in the mass produced androgynous low grade food that was given to dogs in the past. New specialized and custom food is now being provided to dogs that help to meet their individual health needs.

Beneful has been leading the way in providing dog owners with high quality dog foods for their pets so that they can get the customized foods that they need to thrive. Beneful offers a full range of dog foods that accommodate a dog in whatever life stage they are in including puppy and adult blends, but now has introduce dog food blends that cater to individual problems that dogs may be facing. An example of this is a dog food blend that is designed to meet the needs of a dog who is older and having problems digesting food as a result.

This specialized dog food is trumped by another product by Beneful that allows dog owns to customize their own dog food and eliminate those ingredients that may be harmful to their dogs. This allows dog owners to have a fully customizable food that they can use to improve the overall health of their dog.


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