Beating the Odds: Football Bets

People love football for a number of reasons. The games are exciting, there is plenty of real talent, and there are plenty of opportunities to make money with the right bets. is a reliable and safe place to put in your bets and make the money that you deserve. Here are a couple of tips to increase the odds when betting.

1. Join the right site!
Plenty of betting sites are scams, unfortunately. Look into the site that you are going to place your bet on. has a great reputation, and they make their payments quickly. also provides plenty of resources for current information for you to make intelligent bets on NFL odds. The site is also extremely easy to navigate. Anyone can learn to use it, even if you are a novice to computers.

2. Do your research.
This may seem obvious, but some people need this point to be reiterated. Be sure to do your research. Furthermore, place your bets based on the research instead of your personal preferences. For example, there is a game versus the Chicago Bears v the Detroit Lions this week (-7.5, 43.5). Detroit is currently allowing less than twenty points in the last five of six games. The Chicago Bears have been frankly doing horribly this season (and that’s my team, so I hate to admit that). Detroit is highly favored to win the game against the Bears this week, despite some injuries on Detroit’s team.

3. Be prepared to lose
There are horror stories of people losing everything because of an overly confident bet. The underdog wins on occasion, and it is not smart to place a bet without being prepared to lose. Understand that a bet is a big risk. Play to have fun and add some spice to the games, but, please, do not put all of your mortgage money on one game.

4. Have fun.
The whole point of betting is to have fun. Enjoy the game with friends, get some wings and beer, and enjoy a great game. Hopefully, you will win and the beers after the game will be on you.