Avaaz, the Revoulution

The group, Avaaz is a civic organization based around the idea promoting activism on certain social and political problems. Right now they have 45 million users across the world, which involves 195 countries. In the past five years Avaaz has become the world’s most popular and powerful activist network. The organization likes to focus its attention on crisis’s going on in the world and making sure that there are ways to end corruption. It allows their members to donate to the site that sponsors or government funding doesn’t make them change the type of information that they want to put out. Being a member allows you to make a petition so that yourself, and thousands of others that agree on the same issues that create resolutions at the local, national and international levels. For example, one of the articles on their homepage is dedicated to climate change. One in particular is titled, “Brazil: Stop corruption killing the amazon”. The issue of deforestation has a been a high-profile controversy for years, but know Avaaz is helping to make certain ideas a reality. Currently their proposition to cancel the project has amassed 1.9 million out of 2 million signers and is likely to accomplished their goal. The site also links to Facebook, Twitter and E-mail to get social media attention on issues that would not have gotten as much attention. The site encourages peoples from other countries to help others. For example, Donald Trump’s climate change polices can be petitioned against by people in other countries. Avaaz is truly dedicated to helping everyone and making the world a better place and what Avaaz knows.

More Visit: http://www.ngo-monitor.org/ngos/avaaz/