Rodrigo Terpins Scoops a Podium Finish in the 22nd Sertoes Rally

Rodrigo Terpins and his rally car navigator, Fabricio Bianchini finished third on the recently concluded Sertoes Rally. The annual event has proven to be one of the most grueling off-road rally courses in South America. The 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally saw the 38 competitors navigate the challenging 2,600-kilometer course spread out over 2 states. Overall, Rodrigo and Fabricio managed to finish in the eighth position.

Short Circuit

Speaking to journalists later, Rodrigo praised his pit crew for ensuring their #326 car functioned nearly-perfectly. His T-Rex car is designed and maintained by the MEM team. Rodrigo told the reporters that he’d fallen in love with the Sertoes Rally course and he couldn’t wait to come back the following year and take it on, once more. The ace racer commended the event organizers for the briefer circuit as it permits them more personal time to do other things.

Respected Racing Family

Rally car racing runs deep in Rodrigo Terpins’ family. The father was an accomplished racer. The senior Terpins introduced the racing culture in his kids at a tender age. Rodrigo often competes against his smaller brother, Michel Terpins, 37, in both, local and international rally events. As a matter of fact, in the 22nd Sertoes Rally completion, Michel and his co-driver, Sven von Borries finished in fourth place and 13th out of 38, overall. Rodrigo, 41, has more experience and he rides for the Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

Incredible Recovery

In earlier years, Michel regularly competed in the motorcycles class. He’d raced in this particular category for a whopping 15 years before making a début in the car category. That experience did come in handy at the competition. Despite the hour-long penalty incurred for mistakes committed in the special timed section of the Sertoes Rally, the duo staged a miraculous recovery and comeback to earn a podium finish. According to Rodrigo, it takes years of training, devotion and tons of capital to become a competitive rally driver. Check out Terra to see more.

Social Media Connect

To keep up with news and info on Rodrigo’s rallying career, check out his official site. The website features HD pictures of the T1 Prototype cars used by these drivers. Alternatively, follow the brothers via their Twitter and Facebook social media accounts.

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