Atlanta Theater Companies Are Changing Workforce Dynamics

Millennials seem to be allergic to business suits and proper business attire. The art director at Georgia Tech, Madison Carlo, noticed that fact as she walked by a job fair on campus one day. Millennials look weird in business suits for several reasons. The first reason is they still have the same hoodie mentality in a suit, and the second reason is they just don’t like to dress up. Dressing up is the equivalent of giving up, in the eyes of Millennials. They want to do things their way, so Carlo came up with the idea of using drag queens to teach Millennials how to transition from a hoodie to Admen type business attire. Carlo started a course called Drag 101 at Georgia Tech, and the response was better than expected. The goal was to prepare students for the next career day. Carlo listed the help of Goldie Peacock, the Brooklyn-based drag king. Peacock is familiar with teaching people the fundamentals of “power posing.”



Theater actors have been instrumental in helping people develop a personality and the poise for business situations. Former prime Minister Margaret Thatcher worked with the London National Theater to lower the pitch of her voice when she decided to run for office. The Alliance Theatre has a program that teaches business people how to apply the mechanics of theater to corporate settings. Teachers also use the course as a tool to engage students. The skills needed for great acting are the same skills that make for excellent business presentations. People want creativity and authenticity in the boardroom as well as in the theater, according to an article published by



Most people have a fear of speaking in public. Kids are better speakers because there are fewer constraints the younger we are. Theater classes cut through those restraints, and the real person comes out from the shadows of their public persona. Corporations are looking for better storytellers, communicators, and collaborators. Those soft skills don’t come from a university education. Those skills come from an actor’s toolbox. Bankers, accountants, and scientists are turning to programs like the Alliance Theatre workshop to increase their worth in today’s competitive work environment.