Arizona’s Jason Hope Says The Internet Of Things Is Here To Stay.

Jason Hope EntrepreneurIn a fast paced, ever changing and progressing environment of future technologies it’s important businesses stay on top of these new developments if they want to stay competitive. A business lost in the tech world can quickly find itself falling behind the competition and constantly having to play catch up. A bad methodology if one wants to stay in business for very long.

The importance of a futurist mind (someone who studies/predicts future outcomes based on current trends) in the field of business technology, like Jason Hope however; can be very useful, if not essential, in keeping up-to-date as to where the future of technology is heading.

Having earned a good reputation for giving back to his local community and his skill as a futurist, Jason Hope is now predicting that the popular trend toward investing in the Internet of Things is an advancement for the better and one that is here to stay.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, in simplest terms, is the concept of creating the technology to connect any device, or devices, that has an on/off switch to the Internet, with each other, or both. Jason Hope believes that IoT can be the device itself, like a lamp, cellphone or coffee maker. Or it can even be a component of a larger machine, like a jet engine or the drill of an oil rig.

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Jason Hope has already noted and written in his blog about the positive impact companies have had by investing in the IoT technologies. Silicon Labs saw a third quarter increase within this division and much smaller fourth quarter decrease than what was anticipated. Cisco Systems Inc., a world wide leader in IT, has also jumped on the IoT bandwagon by investing $1.4 billion on IoT software developer Jasper Technologies. The previous year saw tech giant Intel paving the way at the 2015 International CES show in Las Vegas and the Apple Watch being predicted to be the standard for wearable IoT devices.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist and key contributor to the SENS Foundation.