Arizona’s Jason Hope Predicts You Won’t Think about the Internet of Things

Arizona businessman Jason Hope has been in the tech space for years, and he’s often talked about the “Internet of Things.” This is a complex subject, but it boils down to the connectivity between devices and the way that more than just computers will be linked. For example, even refrigerators have WiFi in some cases. Phones, computers and tablets can all connect to security cameras and thermostats. Even cars are growing more and more connected, which Jason Hope has predicted will make driving both more fun and safer, cutting back on all of the different distractions that plague drivers.

While this has gotten more well-known over the years, the IoT is still something that a lot of people don’t know about, and they’re astounded when they consider all of the ways that things are connected already and the ways they will be in the future.

For instance, many people are surprised to find out that Samsung makes a wifi-connected refrigerator that can stream music, connect to a smart TV, and link up with your phone, displaying everything on a pretty massive 21.5-inch touch screen. Certainly, that’s a lot different than the fridge your grandmother had, or even the one your parents had. For many people, that seems like space-aged technology that they’ve possibly never even seen in real life.

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Jason Hope thinks that outlook is going to fade away over time. He thinks that the Internet of Things is going to become so commonplace that people will just accept it and adapt to it.

Jason Hope gives a great example of how tech has done this in the past. At one time, you didn’t have any light at night unless you had a fire or an oil lamp. Then electricity came along, and people were just as astounded. You can flip a wall switch and light up the room immediately? You can turn the light on and off in seconds? It seemed almost like magic at the time.

These days, you just expect it. It’s not exceptional or surprising, and you probably don’t even think about your bulbs, wires and switches unless they break.

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That’s where he thinks that the IoT is headed, as he studies the trends and looks at the future. He thinks you’ll be so used to having connected cars and other devices that all that will feel strange is not having them. It’s a slow-moving revolution, but eventually Hope believes we’ll all make it part of our daily lives.

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