Anastasia, the Upcoming Broadway Musical

The upcoming Broadway musical Anastasia has announced its full cast. With an opening night set for April 24, Anastasia was originally developed and produced at the Hartford Stage in Hartford, Connecticut. Based on the beloved 1997 musical cartoon film by Twentieth Century Fox Animation Studios, the Broadway production will contain quite a few members of the original cast from Hartford, including the two leads: Cristy Altomare as Anastasia and Derek Klena as Dmitry. Also featured will be Ramin Karimloo as Gleb, John Bolton as Vlad, Caroline O’Connor as Countess Lily Malevsky-Malevitch, and Mary Beth Perl as the Dowager Empress Maria. The other ensemble members that make up the rest of the company are Zach Adkins, Sissy Bell, Lauren Blackman Kathryn Boswell, Kyle Brown, Kristen Smith Davis, Janet Dickinson, Constantine Germanacos, Wes Hart, Ian Knauer, Ken Krugman, Dustin Layton, China Ann Morris, James A. Pierce III, Molly Rushing, Nicole Scimeca, Jennifer Smith, Johnny Stellard and Allison Walsh.

The 1997 movie was itself was based on the 1956 film Anastasia, and the persistent legends that Anastasia Romanova, the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, had survived the purge of the Romanov royal family by Lenin’s army in 1917. The Broadway musical will reunite composer and lyricist Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens to include many of the songs from the movie, including the Oscar nominated “Journey to the Past.” There have also been several original songs written for the musical’s debut. Show insiders say that this version is based more in historical conflict as opposed to the supernatural conflict that was the case in the 1997 movie. The new character Gleb will play the villain in the story–there will be no dancing comic relief bats!

Anticipation is rightfully high. Previews began March 23 at the Broadhurst Theatre.