Aliens Meet Star Trek

As if Star Trek didn’t already have enough characters to keep up with, “Star Trek Beyond” will have about 50 different kinds of aliens walking around on the ship. There is also a new television series surrounding the movie that is scheduled to be released. Back to the aliens, no one knows exactly what kind of aliens will be present. They will have a bit of character, and there will be a variety of colors to view while watching the movie. Many of the original Star Trek characters will still be in the movie, and there are special dedications to Leonard Nimoy at certain points. The cast recently held a fan interview to answer some of the questions about the film and what to expect with the plot. There was also a bit of discussion about the aliens that would be present. It seems like the series is nearing its end if it’s trying to maintain interest by introducing multiple aliens to mingle with the people who are already on board. However, maybe they are aliens that have been picked up during all of the other movies that have been made, finally breaking out of their hidden compartments on the ship.