‘Aladdin’ Costumes Among the Most Intricate On Broadway

Aladdin The Musical will debut in Sydney soon, and the costume team is working tirelessly to make the costumes as colorful and beautiful as possible. It’s even being said that the costumes the cast will wear are among the most exquisite that an Australia stage has seen in years.

More than 70 artisans are working on the costumes, threading 712 types of beads and 500,000 Swarovski crystals through 1,225 types of fabrics. The costumes for Aladdin The Musical were designed by Gregg Barnes, who is a two-time Tony Award winner. This level of design and intricacy is not usual for a stage production.

The detail that has been incorporated into these costumes is usually reserved for the movie. Janet Hine, costume supervisor for the show, shares that it’s important that fans leave the play feeling as though they’ve experienced some “Disney magic.” Each of the costumes worn in the display bright colors and layers, and some feature one-of-a-kind patterns. Elaborate costumes help to contribute to that experience. Hine was invited to come see the show, so that she would have an idea of the work that was ahead of her for the Sydney production. She shared that it’s been about 20 years since this much detail had gone into the costumes for a stage production.

Some members of Hine’s team worked on the original Phantom of the Opera. These team members confirmed that not since Phantom have they seen this much intricacy in costume design.