Agora Financial Leads Investors through the Conflicting Voices to Wealth

Agora Financial is a great barometer for what market forces the individual investor should react to in order to preserve and grow their assets. Having a broker doesn’t guarantee you’ll be made aware of these forces, because a large number of them are focused on collecting commission, not monitoring the portfolios they manage. Agora Financial provides advice on where to put your investments that will generate the most growth. The Financial advice also shows you how to avoid the wealth stealers like taxes, bankers, politicians, insurance companies and brokers. And, it shows investors how to wade through the conflicting financial advice from the multiple sources out there.

For the last ten years Agora Financial has created publications and other resources that help investors build and protect their wealth. They’ve created free newsletter like “The Daily Reckoning”, online publications – “Agora Financial”, books, seminars and documentaries that have helped guide over one million readers in building wealth and managing money.

Agora Financial publishes twenty publications. These publications cover important wealth management topics like finding companies poised for growth, secrets of generating income and wealth protection strategies. The research at Agora Financial is unbiased and independent. Their analyst travel to the companies in question and investigate the opportunity first hand spending more than $1,000,000 in travel and research to find investment trends that haven’t reached the mainstream.

Agora Financial specializes in finding the company that hasn’t reached the mainstream and grew drastically share costs. Instead, they seek the new upcoming company whose share price is still affordable, so the investors can still expect significant growth in the future. The researchers Agora Financial has on staff include the following:

*A Harvard trained geologist

*A self-made billionaire and philanthropist

*One of the world’s leading bond experts

*A Pulitzer prize nominated journalist

*A three-time New York Times bestselling author

*An award winning filmmaker

*An Ex-hedge fund manager

*An Ex-banker to the presidents

Agora Financial foresaw the coming surge in gold prices as early as 1999. They foresaw other price increases and downturns in the market in plenty of time for their investors to act on the information: in 2004 the coming mortgage crisis; in 2007 the rise in oil prices; and in 2008 the growing interest in biotechnology and personal medicine. To learn more, go the to view the available publications. Click the links to learn more, preview or subscribe to a publication that could help you achieve your goals and retire comfortably.