Acquisitions, services and charitable donations

Nexbanks first charter bank was founded in Texas in 1922. Currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas; Nexbank provides services to customers in commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services. In addition to these three platforms; Nexbank provides servicse to large corporations, middle-market companies, and real estate investors. As of March 31, 2017, Nexbank is valued at having $5.3 billion in assets.

James Dondero is the founder and CEO of Nexbank. He has over thirty years of experiences within credit markets. He is also the President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P. Highland Capital Management is the largest manager of collateralized loan obligations in the United States. Mr. Dondero also serves as Chairman of the board and CEO at HCM Acquisition Company. With his extensive expertise Mr. Dondero has been leading Nexbank into a top rated, customer centered banking institution.

In December of 2015 Nexbank announced its acquisition of College Savings Bank in Princeton, New Jersey. College Savings Bank was founded in 1987 and specializes in 529 college savings. College Savings Bank was able to maintain their name and operate as a division of Nexbank. This acquisition allowed for Nexbank to better serve its clients who are seeking assistance with college savings plans.

Nexbank also is a supporter of the “Assist the officer foundation”. Shortly after the sniper attacks in downtown Dallas, Nexbank donated funds to the families of the officers slain or wounded in the line of duty. The Dallas Police Department set up the “Assist the officer foundation” and several Dallas banks made charitable donations. John Holt, the CEO of Nexbank Capital (a division of Nexbank) said the outpouring of support from businesses and citizens alike is not only a testament to the people of Dallas, but to Texans in general.