A Peek Into The Life Of The Man Leading Nabors Industries

Anthony G. Petrello has been at the leadership of Nabors industries since the early 90’s. This is one of the largest companies in oil and petroleum. From the time that he was elected to the leadership position at this company, he has been very instrumental to its growth. In 2011, Petrello was appointed to be the CEO of the company. He also served as the chief operations officer at the same company between 1979 and 1991. He has also worked with several other companies, including the Baker and McKenzie law firm. It is at Nabors Industries that he has made his skills and influence as a
corporate leader felt.

The team that he works with is one of the reasons behind the massive success of the company. These include Carina Gillenwater, Mark Andrews and William Restrepo. William is the chief financial officer; mark is the corporate secretary while Carina is a Vice president.

The Rise to the Top for Anthony Petrello

Petrello’s journey to leadership started at the Harvard law school. After completing the course, he undertook a BS and MS in mathematics from Yale University. He started off at the Law firm and worked for 5 years before resigning in 1991. After his resignation, he joined Nabors. He started the strategic planning initiative whose aim is to enable Nabors Industries to succeed in a competitive and vey dynamic environment.

Anthony Petrello’s Philanthropy

Besides working in the corporate environment, Petrello is also a very active philanthropist. He has been working with the Texas Children Hospital as a member of the board of trustees for a number of years now. The aim of the initiatives that are overseen by this hospital is to treat and get other solutions for children that have neurological disorders. He has made massive contributions to the foundation at a personal level and is always glad to lead functions that involve the hospital. There are many other philanthropic activities that Anthony Petrello is involved with, as he strongly believes in the value of giving back to the community. He is truly an inspirational leader in business and even in charity.

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