A Look At How Non Profit Organization, Broadway Dreams Helps Aspiring Performers

There is a not for profit organization called Broadway Dreams that helps aspiring actors from all over the world realize their dream of performing on Broadway. The non profit, Broadway Dreams was created in 2006 and since its inception has impacted thousands of people. Broadway Dreams helps people from all different backgrounds and age groups. Founder, Annete Tanner says that the organization wants to make dreams come true not only for aspiring youth and young adults but for adults as well.


A core theme of Broadway Dreams is that everybody who wants to should be able to get the training and support they need to pursue their dream field. As part of its ongoing program, Broadway Dreams offers its students training in performance for about a week from some of Broadway’s top performers and coaches. The week long training culminates in a performance.


Broadway Dreams serves a lot of disadvantaged people and those who simply cannot afford to pay for acting or dancing classes on their own. 40% of the people in the program receive acting and dance scholarships because without the aid offered by Broadway Dreams getting a foothold in such a career would not be possible. More than 11,000 people have been impacted by the program so far and it shows no sign of stopping. Rather, it is only expected to expand and reach even more people with the idea that you can reach your dream regardless of your age or situation.


How successful is the Broadway Dreams project? Countless participants in the program have later went on to star in performances such as Hamilton, West Side Story, Miss. Saigon, Book of Mormon, Hairspray Live and many many more. Some of the people who worked with Broadway Dreams have become Broadway stars, TV performers and have toured nationally. Many others have achieved success in less visible ways by becoming playwrights, directors, lighting designers, managers and agents.


Another great thing about this story, is that many past students who were taught and mentored at Broadway Dreams, come back to give back and help inspire future actors. One notable story is Ari Groover. She was homeless at one point, but Broadway Dreams managed to lift her up and help her launch a highly successful career. Groover now is giving back by mentoring the next generation of actors and says she enjoys it thoroughly.