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How Sahm Adrangi’s Career Advanced Through his Interests in Short Selling and Publishing Research

Sahm Adrangi is well known for his interests in publishing and short selling research. He is also the mastermind behind Kerrisdale Capital, which publishes research on various industries and companies. Adrangi serves in the chief investment officer position at the company. He used $1 million to launch the company, which currently manages $150 million, back in 2009. He has been facilitating all development aspects of Kerrisdale Capital since its founding.

Adrangi relies on Kerrisdale Capital to carry out his publishing and short selling research. He also shares his trading experience with people through publications released by Kerrisdale. These publications seek to speak out on misconceptions about the stock markets. They are available to readers through Kerrisdale’s official website, social media pages, and affiliated investing-related websites.

In addition to his executive role at Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi worked with Longacre Management, Chanin Capital Partners, and Deutsche Bank. He was also a speaker at the Activist Investor Conference and the Value Investing Conference. His expert opinions are published in the BusinessWeek, the NY Times and the Washington Post.


Adrangi’s Views on Development Stage Companies

Besides his involvement with Kerrisdale Capital, Sahm Adrangi pays close attention to development stage companies. Biotech companies he focuses on include Zafgen, Bavarian Nordic, Pulse Biosciences, Unilife and Sage Therapeutics. In the mining sector, he focused on companies like Northern Dynasty and First Majestic Silver. Adrangi aired his views on telecom firms such as Dish Network, Viastat, Globalstar, and Dish Network.

Through a live webcast, Adrangi exposed the vulnerabilities in the Terrestrial Low Power Service proposed by Globalstar. He also gained fame for exposing China-Biotics, Lihua International, and China Marine Group. He exposed the fraudulent activities of these Chinese companies from 2010 to 2011. The SEC penalized Chinese firms like ChinaCast Education Corporation and China Education Alliance thanks to Adrangi’s efforts, and learn more about Adrangi.


Adrangi as an Investment Advisor

Sahm Adrangi enabled Lindsay Corporation Management to make use of its capital allocation and cash deployment policies. He facilitated this service in 2013 in the role of an investment advisor. Adrangi was also instrumental in the replacement of Morgans Hotel’s directors. The company replaced its directors with two new ones that Adrangi suggested in 2014, and

George Soros – Man of Action

George Soros is a world-renowned philanthropist who has given away billions of dollars to charities and causes that he believes in. He was born in Hungary, in 1930, living through the Nazi occupation in 1944-1945. He later came to the United States where he worked his way up from a poor immigrant to a successful businessman.

Soros gave $32 billion dollars to the Open Society Fund, which does work all around the world. The Fund supports individuals and groups that fight for freedom and equal rights for such groups as refugees, the LGBT community, and Jewish citizens. Soros wishes to establish governments that establish freedom and justice for all sectors of society.

Along with the Open Society Fund, George Soros works to fund university students who would otherwise be ostracized and unable to pay for tuition. He believes that he can help those who are discriminated against just by who they are and where they are born. In spite of opposition from conservatives who don’t appreciate his liberal values, Soros continues to use his wealth to help. In 2017, it was announced that he had transferred another 18 billion to the Open Society Fund, bringing the total of donations since 1984 to over $32 billion.

There are many critics of Soros who claim that he is using his money to manipulate governments and legislation to favor his own political views and goals. This demonization of charitable giving and George Soros, in particular, is not a new tactic. The attacks have spread from his homeland of Hungary and Moscow to the United States.

There have been elected officials in many different countries who have attempted to delegitimize Soros by attributing all types of misdeeds to him. They accuse him of buying off government leaders and attempting to influence elections with his great wealth. The attacks are all a part of a political strategy to discredit Soros and to minimalize his reputation.

In 2015, when the United States saw a large influx of immigrants and refugees, many conservative leaders accused Soros of being a far-right nationalist who was helping undesirables enter the country illegally. This attitude was crystallized in Poland when Soros was burned in effigy for being an Orthodox Jew with unnatural wealth and influence. Krystyna Pawlow, a governing conservative in Poland called Soros, “the most dangerous man in the world.”

These attacks and attempts to discredit Soros have an underlying hint of Anti-Semitism with shades of lingering attitudes that believe a Jewish man should not seek power and should remain in his “place.” Some have called this demonization of George Soros a “witchhunt,” led by the radical right in the United States.

George Soros has made a global difference in public health and supporting the rights of minorities. He has used his wealth to make changes that he sees and feels. His billions of dollars have brought results and even at 86 years old, Soros is a passionate philanthropist who does more than talk about change. He puts his money and his time behind his words.