Rick Smith: The Backbone and CEO of Securus Technologies

Talking of Mr. Richard A Smith, he is more than an ordinary man. However, he has faced life boldly with its challenges and built up a reputable name for himself. Even after facing a couple of challenges in his career, he rose above it all. Smith was undoubtedly the ideal choice in succession of the CEO position at Securus Technologies.Rick Smith, the current CEO of Securus Technologies, is a champion of Education. He worked hard in his studies and as a result excelled in all that he did. Rick attained both a degree and a Master’s in Engineering at the prestigious State University of New York. To top it all off, Smith holds a Master’s in Mathematics. His ample knowledge and skills in the field has enabled him to meet all challenges and set backs with utmost boldness. He strongly upholds the ideologies of honesty, hard work, and transparency.

Rick Smith Securus is a hardworking man who never failed to impress wherever he worked. Smith prior worked at various firms before landing a position as CEO of Securus Technologies. He worked in various capacities in Global Crossing North America Incorporated. After moving to Eschelon Telecom Incorporated, he served as Chief Financial Officer. He worked his way up till he became the president of Eschelon Telecom. In 2008 Rick Smith was crowned as the CEO of Securus Technologies.Smith has an excellent skill set that enabled him to work his way up to powerful positions in the companies he has served at! His expertise and breadth of experience made him the right pick for CEO positions in a couple of companies. Moreover, he has an excellent background coupled with a clean, and impressive track record. His reputation precedes him.

Due to his extensive learning, Smith is knowledgeable on various disciples. This includes mathematics, among others. He has worked in numerous departments at Frontier Corporations. Some of this department include IT and Finance. Interesting to note, he is quite knowledgeable in business development.Rick Smith has held high positions in different corporations and has shown profound leadership skills. Smith served as Chief Executive Officer of Eschelon Telecom for nine years. During this time, Rick Smith grew the company’s revenue and assets from 30 million dollars to about 350 million dollars. With his sharp business skills, Smith led Eschelon to a recording its IPO in the year 2005.Currently, Rick Smith holds the CEO position in Securus Technologies. It is a company in the corrections industry involved in providing inmates and their loved ones a means of communication. He loves his job dearly and works to ensure his services are worthwhile and fulfilling. Although he has encountered numerous challenges, he continues to grow the company into a successful service providing company.

Matthew Autterson – a Key Figure in Independent Investment Management

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About Matthew Autterson

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Matthew Autterson is a native of Birmingham, Michigan, but moved to Denver, Colorado to build on his passion for investment management. Before starting to work with WIN Wealth Management, Matthew Autterson was part with various other companies some of which include First Trust Corporation and Steamboat Springs. He is an alumnus of Buena Vista University from where he holds a B.A.


The Exemplary Accomplishments and Achievements of Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies

Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology, Rick Smith, was appointed to this position in 2008. He was believed to be the best person to fill the position as a result of his high level of experience, self-drive, and focus. He has managed to make significant progress to the company as he has facilitated the provision of quality products and services in the correction industry. His background is remarkable, as he is known for his wide range of skills and brilliant track record. He has served in various departments such as information technology, finance, telecommunications, business development, and operations among others. His excellent skills in leadership have made him an outstanding man in his field of work.The headquarters of Securus Technologies is in Dallas, Texas. The company provides a variety of services to a high number of inmates, more than 1,000,000, and has assisted over 2,600 public safety agencies, law enforcing, and correction facilities in North America. The company has continued to become a reliable service provider to the community that handles corrections. They have provided technology and services that handle monitoring, emergency response, public information, inmate self-service, incident management, biometric analysis, communications, investigation, and monitoring.

Mr. Smith’s educational background is impeccable. He studied at Rochester Institute of Technology where he graduated with a degree in associates. In the State University of NY, he received a degree in engineering before proceeding to study his masters in the same field. He also enrolled at the University of Rochester where he received an MBA. Between 1972 and 1998, he served in several positions with Global Crossing North America. He was positioned as both the controller and officer of chief information. He also served at Frontier Information Technologies as President. Other positions include being the Vice President, Director of Network Plant Operations, Business Development Director & Vice President of Financial Management at Midwest Telephone Operations.

From 1998 to 2000, he worked as the Chief Financial Officer of Eschelon Telecom. He served as president of the company from the year 2000 to 2003 and later promoted to hold the title of Chief Executive Officer. During his reign, the revenue of the corporation significantly increased to $350 million from $30 million. Mr. Smith led the organization to a successful IPO during the summer of the year 2005. He left the company in 2007.Mr. Richard Smith was hired to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies in 2008. The following year, he became the Chairman of the same company. As he led the organization, they have received high competition from Global Tel Link. However, Rick Smith Securus has a wider range of products and services, as it also has a center for calls where they have staff whose performance is 600 percent better than their competitors.