Content Helps Students at Success Academy

Success Academy is a charter school that is focused on helping children learn the right way to behave as adults. The school does what they can to make sure that they are getting everything right for the kids and they want to make sure that they are going to be able to get more out of the educational process. Success Academy makes sure that they are giving students all of the options that they need to be successful. While they are able to help students learn through a different learning style approach, their focus on content is what has set them apart from the many public schools that have failing proficiency scores. Success Academy makes sure that students are able to take content in through different mediums. Any way that a student is able to learn, he or she can do it successfully at Success Academy.


There are many different ways that students succeed at Success Academy. One of the biggest reasons is that teachers focus on teaching students the right way to learn for success instead of just learning to take tests. They like to show them what they are able to do and tell them everything that they will need to know in the future. Success Academy wants to see children succeed. There is a lot of irony in that, though. While they do not focus on taking tests, they are scoring much higher on the same tests that the public schools (that do focus on taking tests) are able to score.


This all comes from having an attitude that is geared toward the students. There are so many schools where children are not learning anything that they need to know despite the fact that they are constantly being taught information. This is because the schools are not student-centric. Whether they want the students to succeed or not is irrelevant because they simply cannot focus enough attention on the students. Success Academy likes to focus all of their attention on the students and their ability to learn everything that they can about the right way to live their lives.


Richard Mishaan Design: What Makes the Firm so Incredibly Rare?


Richard Mishaan Design is the design firm run by celebrated architect Richard Mishaan. Mishaan started his journey as an apprentice for Philip Johnson, one of the most respected American architects ever. Before that, he did his BA from the New York University and got a degree in architecture from the Columbia University of Architecture. It is believed that Mishaan’s in-depth knowledge about architecture, interior design, and fashion and his strong cultural roots allowed him to gather profound understanding of true quality and luxury.

Other than creating some great designs, he has also authored a couple of books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. Both the books were published by Monacelli Press, a publisher known for offering the best books on architecture, fashion and photography.

About Richard Mishaan Design 

Richard Mishaan Design is currently the most revered interior design firm in the world. The past twenty five years have seen the company create artistic and timeless interiors for commercial, hospitality, and residential clients. The designs created by them possess a perfect combination of modernity and antiquity and that’s the main reason why the company has constantly grown in stature over the years. The firm has been included consistently in the Elle Decor A List and AD 100, the list of hundred designers picked by Architectural Digest.

As a result of being known for coming up with sharp and innovative designs, the firm has managed to allure the rich and famous from different parts of the globe. In addition, some of the biggest hotel chains of the world rely on this American company for getting the most pioneering, attractive and functional interiors. Other than handling the design and development process of different residential, retail, and hotel projects taken up by them, Richard Mishaan Design also works on comprehensive marketing and branding initiatives.


How is Richard Mishaan Design unique? 

The factor that has allowed this firm to be unique since the day of its inception is its principal himself. Mishaan has always believed in customizing designs. His biggest USP is surely his ability to come up with offerings both for the rich and common people. He knows how to add plush elements like a limestone stair hall featuring a tailored basket weave pattern when designing a penthouse for a millionaire businessman. However, the habit of creating such extravagant designs doesn’t stop him from selling items valued below $100 at Homer, his design shop at Greenwich Village.

Mishaan’s design firm believes in offering long lasting solutions to its clients. They never recommend replacing furniture and furnishings at regular intervals just because you have the money to do so. The owner himself is responsible for this philosophy of the company. The apartment he owns at the Upper East Side features the same sofas for the past two decades. The sofas were reupholstered once; Mishaan didn’t need to change them as they are sturdy enough for standing the test of time.

The ability of Richard Mishaan Design to offer solutions to people with different financial ability allowed the company to remain at the zenith even when the economy crashed during the late 2000s. During the recession, Mishaan and his team worked on providing customers with items of a more extensive price range. The architect has written about this in his book Modern Luxury.

Here, we will have to admit that mixing styles and eras is no more a rare thing. However, Mishaan has taken this trend to a completely new level. Another prominent aspect almost all his creations showcases is his love for colors. The most prominent example of this is surely the house he owns at Hamptons. The kitchen of the house has been done in a combination of white and bright blue. The other amazing addition to the house is the flame stitches, plaids, and stripes splashed on every corner of the house.

Are you wondering what made the architect such a big fan of colors? The answer probably lies in his childhood. He was born in Cartagena, one of the most naturally colorful places in Colombia; and a large part of his childhood was spent in Italy, another land known for its colors.

Although Mishaan relocated to New York during the late 70s, he still has links with his place of birth. Cartagena is home to his getaway house, another amazing creation of the legendary designer. It’s basically a 16th century construction that has been beautifully updated by Mishaan. Some of the fresh elements he has included are a plush courtyard pool and a roof deck. Here also, he hasn’t forgotten to showcase how committed he is towards colors. The mustard hued accents you will find on its exterior will surely leave you deeply amazed. Then, there’s a touch of uniqueness, the only thing that’s common in every creation of Mishaan and his design firm. Unlike any of his houses, this one possesses a design that resembles the design of a boutique hotel.

Richard Mishaan Design has actually changed the way people thing. Homeowners are now interested in making their homes look exactly like the fabulous hotel they recently stayed at, while hotel owners are looking to offer their clients home-like comfort.

He also promotes the idea of adding same elements in every single rooms in a house, something most top designer avoid doing. His spacious home in Cartagena has the same bed in every room. In addition, the entire house has been designed using three major materials, ebonized wood, a single marble style, and red doors.

Being a designer who works for all, Mishaan also uses some unique procedures for decorating small spaces. For instance, he uses two different whites for the ceilings and walls. Walls are done in a warm shade of white, while the ceilings get a much brighter white. If the bedroom is small, he prefers floating the bed (as opposed to putting the bed against the bedroom wall) and placing a desk exactly behind its headboard. Another element he often adds for opening up small rooms is a few stunted club chairs; these chairs are great additions also because of the comfort they offer. Painting the wall behind the sofa or couch with a strong, bright color is another trick Mishaan and his team use for making small rooms look bigger.   986d4e2c3d11da01c892d1d344853448

Renown Health Expands into South Reno

There will be a new Renown Health family practice that is set to open in the Summit Mall in Reno, Nevada. It is scheduled to open this spring and will be open to new patients as well as existing patients. The new facility began the building process in November and the electrical finishes were completed in February. The interior finishes were also completed in February. There has been an increase in people moving to the area, so they are excited to open this new healthcare facility to attend to the needs of each patient. The clinic will be responsible for providing primary care services and laboratory services. There is a possibility and room for more services to be added later on if necessary.

Dr. McCormack is the medical director of Renown Medical Group. The new office was designed to present a welcoming atmosphere and a more comfortable setting for patients, making them feel at home. Other Renown Health facilities throughout the Nevada area offer many more services, which is something that they may offer later on, but Dr. McCormack notes that they will wait and see how the potential healthcare changes affect the business before making any sudden moves. The president and his administration may have a huge affect on the overall healthcare business, so she feels that it’s best to wait and see what changes will affect their business structures. The new Renown Health will have 11 staff members with the potential to add another physician in the future. They also have plans to add a nurse practitioner to the facility to help meed the needs of more patient’s. Click here to know more.

Currently, there are 12 primary care clinics throughout the northern region of Nevada including Reno-Sparks, Carson City, Fallon and Fernley. Renown Health is an urgent care facility that is found in many areas of Nevada. Generally, they provide many different types of services such as pediatric services, pulmonary services, xray’s, imaging, and primary care services.