Is There A Single Broadway Theatre Owner In New York City That Doesn’t Want Harry Potter?

As the sales of Harry Potter and the Cursed child continue to rake in millions within the theatre scene in London, it seems as if most of the theatres within New York City have been striving for the opportunity to bring it to their audience. Things must be looking real good for Colin Callender and Sonia Friedman – producers of the play – who have the upper hand over the Broadway theatre scene in NYC.


Typically what occurs when a producer creates a play is that they essentially have to take a number and wait in line as they pray that the likes of Nederlanders, Shuberts or Juhamcyn give their play a home. However, due to the fact that Harry Potter itself is well known throughout the country and has had a ten year run in the cinemas, the shoes have been turned and now the landlords are being described as being the supplicants.


Harry Potter is scheduled to come to Broadway by the spring of 2018. However,

due to popular demand by an abundance of Broadway theatre owners in NYC, many speculate that it may arrive as early as next fall. However, the question that lies to be answered is which Broadway theatre will Harry Potter be home to?


For starters, the Ambassador Theatre Group have publicly said that they would love to receive the show for it’s Lyric Theatre. However, many experts have proclaimed that Lyric Theatre is a place where “multimillion dollar shows, go to die” such as the doomed shows: Spider-Man, Ragtime, Turn Off the Dark and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.


The Nederlanders have also demonstrated an interest in Harry Potter, but is currently home to “Cats” which many experts believe will be around for at least one more year, which should free up some space for Harry Potter by spring of 2018.


The Shuberts on the other hand will be available to showcase Harry Potter once Josh Grobans leaves “Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 next year.


However, one source proclaimed that The Winter Garden would be an ideal theatre for Harry Potter to be showcased in, due to its sheer size which is large, but not necessarily overwhelming.


The debate is still in the air as to which Broadway theatre will be home to Harry Potter, but never before have so many different owners of various prominent Broadway theatres in NYC, demonstrated such a deep and profound interest to make their theatre the ‘go-to’ spot for a play, usually it was always the other way around for the producers of the play themselves.

Is Laidlaw Confidential or Does It Have Breach of Contract Staining Its Reputation?

Laidlaw is a full service investment banking and brokerage firm. Relmada Therapeutics has charged Laidlaw, whose principles are Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, of disseminating misleading proxy materials, as well as breach of fiduciary duty due to apparent breach of confidentiality during Laidlaw’s capacity as Relmada’s investment banker. Are these charges merited? When Relmada complained to Laidlaw about some operations and appointments which did not go to their satisfaction, Laidlaw filed a Schedule 13D with the SEC which disclosed some of Relmada’s interactions with investors and some of their fundraising methods.

While both companies may have stepped on the confidentiality line a little bit, I think it necessary to point out that interactions with the SEC may or may not disclose information which any business would like to keep confidential. However, but engaging in any kind of investment act, one is certainly open to such disclosures. In this case, Laidlaw may have acted in good standing with fair practices in their industry, while Relmada may be unhappily kicking at the repercussions, hoping to make them go away.

Former employees of Laidlaw state that, while pay can be pretty good if you work hard, the job does require that you stay self motivated, as a whole. A strong internship program which teaches trading and techniques apparently does not exist at Laidlaw. As a highly self motivated entrepreneur myself, I found the self management atmosphere description refreshing.

Laidlaw does seem to be a highly professional and high net worth and quality investment banking and brokerage firm. With holdings like Gemphire, Cerecor, Viking, and PhaseRx, Laidlaw certainly shows its worth. I think that, with a more employee care and a lot more employee development, Laidlaw could quickly grow from boutique firm to massive high-end conglomerate. Its practices seem to be strong and ethical, and they look like an excellent firm.

UK Vintners Bring In Wine From Around The World

Wine is grown in many places. From France to the Napa Valley of the United States to the plains of Australia to the hills of Chile and Italy, wine is one product that grows well. Those who live in the United Kingdom and wish to sample wine from around the world can do with the help of UK vintners. UK vintners have been able to import wine to this corner of the world from many other parts of the world. In doing so, they can help anyone here learn about the kinds of wines that are available in other places by having bottles to drink here. Some UK-based vintners specialize in a single part of the world such as France. Another vintner here may decide to offer wines to their customers from highly diverse places including South Africa, Argentina and Greece. Savvy wine collectors or those who just like to enjoy a nice glass now and then can take advantage of this fact and buy many varied wines in their own country.

Diverse Wine Selling Companies

UK vintners such as Merchant Vintners ( let clients in on special wines that can be hard to find in other ways. A company such as The New Zealand House of Wine is an ideal place to explore to learn about specific wines from this tiny corner of the Pacific. Those who love wines from other places might choose to look for wines from Turkey at Taste of Turkey. While exploring wines from far off lands can be a lot of fun, it is to France that many people who love wine turn to time and time again.

Wine is grown in many parts of France, allowing wine lovers to have their pick of any given type. A wine company such as Pierre Hourlier Wines is one that can help those who love French wines discover additional vintages and wines they had not known about before. They know that each person can find the kind of wine from France here that can grace any dinner table and make it even more festive.

Buying Wines From Around The World

Buying wines from around the world has many advantages. The wine buyer can easily assemble a group of wines in their own homes that allows them to sample the best that the world’s wine growing regions have to offer. The wine buyer can also work with UK vintners to figure out what kinds of additional wines might be ideal for their own collection. A white wine from Germany might be ideal for someone who has mostly reds. A crisp merlot from France can be the ideal way to help set off a meal with notes of low key sweetness that many people find refreshing. Wine vintners in England work hard to keep up with the latest trends in wine as they hope to find new wines they have not seen before. Working with them is one great way to sample lots of types of special global wines. Wine merchants, such as the London-based Yorkshire Vintners, allow customers to stop in and sample a wide variety of wines and offer great deals to those interested.