Billionaire George Soros Is Helping Refugees Get A Fresh Start

The refugee and migration crisis is changing the social structure of the planet. Europe is in the middle of one the most important migration period in recorded history on Biography, and the leaders of the nations that are faced with thousands of refugees don’t know how to handle them. In Turkey, refugee camps at setup to hold thousands of migrants, and the quality of life in those camps is non-existent. Disease, malnutrition, and sickness are the flavors of the day, and each day those flavors get worse. Other countries have stepped up and are accepting immigrants, but the system to handle people that speak a different language and have different religious beliefs is totally inadequate in most countries.

But one person is hell-bent on helping refugees start a new life, and his name is George Soros. George Soros is a former refugee. He escaped Nazi-occupied Hungary in 1947, so he knows what it feels like to be an outcast. But Soros, the former refugee, is now Soros, the billionaire. Soros has a net worth of more than $32 billion, and that number grows by the hour. But Soros doesn’t hoard his wealth. He gives it away. George started his Open Society Foundation in 1976. That was the year that Soros was called “the man that broke the Bank of England,” when he bet the pound would be devalued because of the introduction of the euro. Soros made $1 billion on that bet, and his hedge fund made $7 billion. Instead of putting all of that money in other investments, Soros decided to promote democracy in countries that don’t know the meaning of the word. Today, the Soros Open Society Foundation has organizations in more than 130 countries.

When the migration issue first became a crisis in Europe, Soros offered EU leaders a solution for the crisis, but they didn’t listen to him. So instead of giving up, George Soros decided to invest $500 million in businesses started by refugees or companies that offer products and services to refugees, according to an article published by CNN news. The investment in those business ventures will be handled by Soros nonprofit organizations. Refugees need cell phones and Internet services. They need food, shelter and an education and all of those things are vital to starting a new life in foreign countries that have nationalistic ideas.

George Soros is managing his family hedge fund again. He invested in the gold market recently and that investment is paying off. But he thinks his best investment is the $500 million he has earmarked for refugees. The gift that keeps on giving is the gift of paying it forward, and Soros has a history of paying his net worth forward. See:

Stephen Murray Helped To Found One Of The Most Important Companies

Stephen Murray began his education at Boston College. After his undergraduate degree, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital landed an internship at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, a bank holding company. While he was there, Murray was beginning to become familiar with the company where he would continue his career. After Boston College, he continued to get an MBA from Columbia University.

Stephen Murray officially became a part of Manufacturers Hanover Corporation after finishing at Columbia University. He showed exceptional skill in his position working with both leveraged finance and private equity. However, Manufacturers Hanover Corporation did not remain in the same hands for long. Instead, it was acquired by Chemical Bank, another a bank holding company.

There were a number of other transitions, and then Stephen Murray began to collaborate with others at the company for the formation of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. This new company managed not only banks, but companies in other industries as well, such as Infogroup Inc., Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, and LHP Hospital Group. A year after this company was created, Murray was CCMP’s CEO. He was in this position for eight years from 2007 to 2015.

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Stephen Murray CCMP Capital donated to a number of organizations in the northeast, such as the Make A Wish Foundation in New York City, Stamford Museum, and a food bank in Fairfield County. In addition, he has made contributions to both colleges that he attended, Boston College and Columbia University. At Boston College, he was active on the board of trustees as Vice President.

Murray remained the company’s CEO until a month before his death in March of 2015. When he left the company, the company lost one of their most important employees. Murray and Greg Brenneman were the only two people listed on their SEC filings, which clearly illustrates the importance that Stephen Murray had with CCMP. He is remembered well by employees of the company and those within his family and social circles.

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Nizan Guanaes, A Leader In Brazil’s Marketing Industry

A Brief Overview Of Brazilian Marketing

Many companies are now flocking to the markets in Brazil. As a member of BRICS, Brazil is considered to be one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world. Lots of firms see entry into Brazil right now as an investment in their marketing campaigns for the future.

Advertising in Brazil differs than the west in several key ways. First, Brazilians love their soap operas and other drama TV shows. They are fanatics when it comes to watching such shows with millions watching them daily. The smart marketing companies have used a clever tactic to reach millions of Brazilians daily. Not only do they advertise during the commercials when these hit shows play, but they actually advertise directly in the show.

Directly advertising in the show means that the soap opera will feature a product or item that a marketer wants to sell. This may be a box of cereal displayed on a breakfast table during a scene. It can be a smartphone used by one of the characters to communicate. Brazilians often mimic the characters of their beloved shows, so it will be no surprise when they start using products they see in such shows.

A Marketing Leader From Brazil

Nizan Guanaes, is widely considered among the top figures in Brazil’s marketing industry. He has created several highly effective ads when working for an advertising company early on in his career. His short but highly effective ads quickly brought him to the attention of Brazil’s major advertising firms.

After working for advertising firms, Nizan Guanaes has founded several of his own media, marketing and communication companies. He is even credited with creating a Brazilian portal site that provides news and email accounts to people in Brazil. The ABC Group which Nizan Guanaes manages, controls over eighteen different media, marketing and communications companies in Brazil. Nizan Guanaes can be said to be a marketing mogul of Brazil with tremendous influence.

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