Aerosmith Says No Truth To Rumors of Lead Singer Change

A few minutes ago, I came across a recent and interesting online article that concerns the rock band Aerosmith. The article basically states that the band has released a statement denying that they are seeking a replacement for their flamboyant lead singer Steven Tyler.

Aerosmith’s lead guitarist Joe Perry is quoted in the article as saying that there is no truth to the rumor about Tyler being usurped by another singer. Perry goes on to say that all of the band members talked together on the telephone recently, and they expressed how excited they are about their upcoming tour of South America.

According to the article, the rumor about Mr. Tyler being replaced apparently stems from comments made by Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford in a recent interview on a heavy metal music website.

In that interview, Mr. Whitford admits that while there was tension between Tyler and the other members of the band in 2009, Tyler’s fellow band members considered replacing him.

When asked if Aerosmith could continue now with a different lead singer, Whitford said that the band has considered the option. Tyler is currently focusing on his solo career, and Whitford said he thought it would be great to work with another front man.

After reading this article, it leaves me wondering if Steven Tyler will be replaced as Aerosmith’s lead singer. I’ve been listening to Aerosmith for more than 30 years, and it’s hard to imagine the group without Mr. Tyler on lead vocals. It would be interesting, however, to hear the band with someone else doing the singing.

Aliens Meet Star Trek

As if Star Trek didn’t already have enough characters to keep up with, “Star Trek Beyond” will have about 50 different kinds of aliens walking around on the ship. There is also a new television series surrounding the movie that is scheduled to be released. Back to the aliens, no one knows exactly what kind of aliens will be present. They will have a bit of character, and there will be a variety of colors to view while watching the movie. Many of the original Star Trek characters will still be in the movie, and there are special dedications to Leonard Nimoy at certain points. The cast recently held a fan interview to answer some of the questions about the film and what to expect with the plot. There was also a bit of discussion about the aliens that would be present. It seems like the series is nearing its end if it’s trying to maintain interest by introducing multiple aliens to mingle with the people who are already on board. However, maybe they are aliens that have been picked up during all of the other movies that have been made, finally breaking out of their hidden compartments on the ship.

Is the Small Opera House the Answer to the Decline of Opera?

Large opera houses are having trouble filling their seats all over the world. Has opera become outdated – certainly not. The themes of love, sacrifice, and tragedy that permeate operas are as poignant today as they have ever been.

Entertainment has been flooded with quick fix entertaining. Why should the audience learn to appreciate the intricacies of Wagner when Beyonce will tell you right away what she wants and means. Opera has been the long hold out for tradition, but like all art forms, it is changing. Large opera houses are changing the way their supporters experience a stage production.

Enter the small opera house. San Francisco Opera, Los Angeles Opera, and Opera Philadelphia are experimenting with putting on new opera works to more intimate audiences in small opera houses. A number of factors have led to this trend from the decline of opera audiences to the rise of the chamber opera.

Small opera houses have a few advantages that are working well. They give an opportunity for young singers to perform on stage. These young voices that may not yet be big enough to fill a large opera house are well suited to the more intimate setting a small house provides. A small house means the audience is closer to the singers. They can see the facial expressions and hear all the delicate nuances of a voice that isn’t trying to fill a 3,000 seat house.

Opera, in the beginning, performed before smaller audiences. Perhaps a return to its roots is the answer to the dilemma of the decline of the opera.