Venezuela Sold 40 Tons Of Gold In The First Quarter of 2016

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has shown his true colors this year and the people of Venezuela don’t like them. In a report from Latino Show Magazine, Maduro has cut government employee hours, closed shopping malls, rationed water and forced other unbearable edicts on the Venezuelan population in order to show his power not his ability to lead the country. Oil production has always been Venezuela ‘s saving grace and when the price of oil dropped, the country was thrown into a devastating debacle.

Venezuela is one of the top crude producers in the world and the demand for the country’s number one product has greatly diminished. According to an insider named Norka, Maduro sold $1.7 billion in gold reserves to pay some of the debts that keep piling up, and that has dropped Venezuela’s gold reserves to the lowest level ever.

Venezuela now has $12.1 billion in capital reserves and gold accounts for 70 percent of that number. According to an article published by, the International Monetary Fund thinks Venezuela’s economy will contract by 8 percent in 2016, and it will shrink by another 4.5 percent in 2017.

Maduro has been selling gold reserves since March 2015. Russia, China, and Switzerland started buying gold from Venezuela, and those countries continue to add more gold to their reserves thanks in part to Maduro’s governing ineptness.

The government-run oil company has more than $6 billion in debt interest payments due this year. The sale of gold reserves is being used to pay part of that debt.

Recognizing the Future

Image recognition technology is not new. However, companies are finding new, innovative ways to apply this to their marketing and traffic. With the introduction of Pinterest, the visual search aspect drew consumers to sites and products on sight alone.

Facebook has been using facial recognition for years. They are constantly updating their software to perfect the art that goes into image recognition, making it easier for their users to ‘tag’ their friends and family in photos. But that is not the only use. There is an underlying marketing tool in this software, knowing their audience, not by only likes, shares, or views, but also by a specific person.

Some companies specialize in recognizing visual images and spitting out the information. For instance, say a stray cat strode up a set of steps. The homeowner was curious as to the breed, potential sicknesses, etc. They could take a picture of the potential rescue and send it to an app specifically made to identify the visual uploads. Data would be returned in the form of information. This is image recognition at work.

Slyce was founded in 2012 has perfected the art of image recognition. By taking a picture or scanning a QH, a machine-readable code that generally consists of black and white squares, and sending the image, price and availability will pop up as quickly as 1 second. While 3d images and video come back with results in 5 seconds. They are ahead of the game, as predictions have the market of image recognition doubling by 2020.

Image recognition allows consumers to search for items or ideas that they do not have the words to describe or time to type which allows real life and technology to collide in an easy access world of its own. Tech companies will continue to multiply and attempt to copy developing image recognition and the way that computers and people learn. Eventually, people will be able to search anything without the use of a keyboard.

The Benefits of Makari Skin Lightening Cream

Skin care creams come in all different types of styles. There are certain skin creams that have ingredients that can help with dry patchy skin. The Makari skin lightening cream, for example, has become a favorite among many women because it has the ultra-rich moisturizer that is designed to help lighten those visible spots that can totally ruin a woman’s day.

In most cases women will seek the Makari lightening creams when they are interested in improving their skin tone. They may want to look a lot more youthful. This is the type of cream that will help with that. It is evident that a lot of people are getting involved with these skin moisturizers because these are the products that are able to help people improve the condition of their skin.

Makari has become the company that improves skin texture. There are a lot of face lightening products on the market, but few products have the ability to remove the toxins from skin the way that Makari products do. This is one reason that many people have become fans of this brand. Another thing that has made the brand work is the way that this skin lightening cream fades out the complexion so evenly. This is a brand of cream that is able to take away the blemishes while it rejuvenates the skin.

The Makari skin whitening cream has become something that is safer than most of the other creams that are out there because it provides safer ingredients. It comes with ingredients like enriched carrot oil, and this has been proven to be a safe ingredient for skin. Women that are concerned about safety should make sure that they are utilizing the products like the ones that are designed by Makari.

There are a lot of middle-aged women that have given this type of Makari skin lightening cream positive reviews. This has served as the best natural alternative to other things like skin bleaching. It is safer and a lot less expensive as well. Signs of aging are removed with this type of cream. It is one of the type of products that has a formula that has been proven. This is cream that can be used on the face and the neck. Some people may experience skin discoloration, but this is the type of product that has ingredients for skin texture boosting and the hydration of the skin. find more