Led By John Goullet, Diversant Provides Innovative Staffing Solutions

John Goullet has been an entrepreneur as well as a leader in the IT world for many years. Starting his career as an IT consultant, his interest turned to staffing in 1994. His firm grasp on changing market trends and his talent for finding new ways to solve problems was a great asset when founding Info Technologies.

As a company that provided answers to staffing problems for Fortune 500 companies all over the country, Info Technologies quickly acquired a reputation of excellence in their field. Earning the eighth position on Spot On Inc. Magazine’s five hundred fastest growing privately owned and operated companies was a great honor. The fact that Info Technologies accomplished such a feat in just five years is really quite amazing.

Info Technologies merged with DIVERSANT Inc. in 2010 and DIVERSANT LLC. was born. John Goullet is the Principal Executive of the merged company, bringing skilled IT professionals in touch with both mid-market and Fortune 500 companies all over the United States. Their staffing expertise allows IT professionals to have a large amount of career choices as well as support and education that is unsurpassed by any other staffing company. Their experienced recruiters connect them with the company most suited to their particular talents, a win- win situation for all involved.

Diversant LLC. is a model in diversity from top to bottom, including their supply chain. That diversity, along with the commitment to serving others and their reputation for excellence in every area of IT staffing and consulting, has led to impressive growth of their clientele.

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Doug Levitt’s Eight Year Road Trip Across America

The Greyhound Bus line is not the first choice for many travelers seeking expediency or privacy, but it serves as a comfortable and safe solution for those unable to afford these conveniences. For Doug Levitt, the Greyhound Bus line served as an eight year creative experiment; a cultural magnifying glass on the lives and locales that animate the endless American road.

It was the tragic circumstances of his father’s death that anchored a powerful artistic motivation in Doug Levitt, particularly a passion for music, enticing him to join a gospel choir in his teens. Growing up in Washington D.C, raised by a pragmatically conservative mother, he also gained a sensitive political awareness early on.

Levitt spent the late 90’s in London, working as a foreign correspondent at several major news networks including NBC and ABC. In 2001, Levitt left London and moved to Kentucky to pursue singing and song writing. He met with music producer David Henry, a mutually fruitful partnership that would ultimately give birth to The Greyhound Diaries, an ambitious multimedia experiment combining Levitt’s journalistic talents with his musical passions. This gesture was largely inspired by the culturally significant efforts of the Works Progress Administration, a part of Roosevelt’s New Deal in the 1930’s. This program served to create jobs and fund artistic pursuits for many unemployed Americans.

Levitt found many historical parallels with the economic downturn in 2004 and felt that a unique opportunity was presented for him to give voice to the kind of folks traveling up and down the nation in Greyhound buses. Armed with a journal, a guitar, and a camera, he stepped on a Greyhound bus and kept going until he had put around 80,000 miles behind him, and a treasure trove of experience. Out of this, Doug produced two albums, over 10,000 pictures, a book, a web series, and several live performances. A profound takeaway from this experience, Levitt mentions, is how our need for stories is compelled by our need to connect with others, from whatever part of the road they may arise from.

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Clinton May be Best Option Remaining

Charles Koch, half of the Koch brothers who own and control the conglomerate Koch Industries discussed the remaining options for President and indicated that Hillary Clinton may be the better candidate choice than the remaining Republican candidates stating that it is possible.

Koch also looked back on the Presidency of Hillary’s husband, Bill, and indicated that he may have done a better job than George W. Bush who greatly expanded the size and scope of the government by 2.5 times during his time as President. While he didn’t prefer Bill Clinton wholeheartedly over Bush, there were certain aspects of his time in office that he did appreciate.

Charles Koch has long supported conservative Republican candidates and the smaller role that he believes government should take and has put his money where his mouth is, supporting many conservative causes. Overall, Koch is looking for less of a centralized concentration of power at the hands of government and believes that it is the responsibility of individuals, rather than government, to take of their own interests.

While these beliefs are right in line with the conservative ideals that many Republican candidates undertake and support, the current remaining candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, are not the options that Koch would consider supporting as he believes that their views and stances are monstrous on many levels.

Koch has indicated that he has yet to spend any of his Super PACs money on the 2016 election, despite spending almost $400 million during the 2012 election cycle. His hesitation in supporting a candidate is based on his lack of common ground with the remaining options for President and his opposition to creating negative advertisements denouncing a candidate like Donald Trump.

His major reason for not bad mouthing or creating negative ads is that he feels as if doing so is pushing one candidate against the other and not serving the role that they should be as role models for the people. To support Hillary Charles Koch indicated that he would need to believe that her actions would not follow her words before supporting her.

Koch is reported to have raised $900 million for the 2016 election cycle. While he is unlikely to use this money to support Hillary Clinton, he may not be inclined to support any specific Republican Candidate for the Presidency either. Instead the funds may end up being used on smaller key races or rolled forward to the next election cycle.