Beneful leads the way

With the dog food market changing, Beneful is leading the way by providing customers with the products that they are demanding for their pets. While Beneful has a long relationship with customers in providing them with high quality foods that their customers are looking for, many customers are now seeking organic foods for their pets that approach the quality of foods that are available to any human in their local walmart grocery.

To meet this demand, Beneful has acquired Merrick Pet Care through their parent company, Nestle Purina, and has expanded their retinue of organic dog foods. Merrick Pet Care was the first fully certified organic dog food company in the United States and brings with it a lot of experience and expertise in making and selling organic dog food.

Customers are no longer interested in the mass produced androgynous low grade food that was given to dogs in the past. New specialized and custom food is now being provided to dogs that help to meet their individual health needs.

Beneful has been leading the way in providing dog owners with high quality dog foods for their pets so that they can get the customized foods that they need to thrive. Beneful offers a full range of dog foods that accommodate a dog in whatever life stage they are in including puppy and adult blends, but now has introduce dog food blends that cater to individual problems that dogs may be facing. An example of this is a dog food blend that is designed to meet the needs of a dog who is older and having problems digesting food as a result.

This specialized dog food is trumped by another product by Beneful that allows dog owns to customize their own dog food and eliminate those ingredients that may be harmful to their dogs. This allows dog owners to have a fully customizable food that they can use to improve the overall health of their dog.


Skout Uses Their Application For Charity

The major application for social networking known as Skout is launching a new travel feature for their product that includes making it easier to find people when you visit a new city. The application is highly rated among those who are interested in meeting people online. What is the benefit of meeting people online? The idea that you can easily use Skout to network with other people in your demographic is usually enough to give most people the incentive the try the platform. The platform is fairly easy to use. It is easy to set up an account with Skout, so people are running to their mobile phones and laptops in order to get on board with them.

Why Do People Use Skout?

Skout is a great place to meet people. You can use Skout’s application to make new friends online. These are people who will probably be there to talk to you when you have things going on in your life, so it definitely gives people a better support system for their lives. Skout is also a great place to meet friends in your city, so if you are new to your city, then Skout might just be your new best friend! In addition, many people use Skout as a dating application to find romantic partners. Dating is not the primary function of Skout by any means, but it is definitely a great place to meet new dates. Think of Skout like you would think of a bar or club: you can meet anyone on Skout.

What Skout Does For Their Community

The company was able to help 20,000 people facing hunger issues in San Fransisco. The reason for the charitable occasion was in honor of National Potato Chip Day, which is on March 14th. Skout also recently worked with the Marin Food Bank to celebrate International Random Acts Of Kindness Day, which was in February. Skout used their platform to give users an opportunity to give back to the rest of the world by donating to the charitable cause through the actual application. This information was originally published on PR Newswire’s website.

Doe Deere Is Living Her Own Life

Many female entrepreneurs admire Doe Deere. Doe Deere has taken the world by storm within the last few years. Doe Deere is a European born woman that immigrated to New York when she was very young. Even in her native country of Russia, Doe Deere always had a love and passion and for colors. When she was younger, one of Doe Deere’s teachers told her that she would work in fashion one day. That is exactly what she did. After graduating from high school, Doe Deere decided that she was going to go to school for fashion. Doe Deere loved to sew and to incorporate colors in the clothes that she made. Doe Deere set up her own fashion store on eBay and she called it Lime Crime. In this fashion store she would sell different outfits, and she would display herself wearing these outfits.

Doe Deere had an awesome fan-base of individuals that liked to buy her clothing. Many of her fans commented on her makeup. These fans inspired her to want to create a cosmetic line. Doe Deere really had no idea how she was going to start up her cosmetic line; all that she had was a couple of hundred dollars and an idea. That money took her very far, and she was able to start up the Lime Crime cosmetic line. Now this cosmetic line is very popular, and women and men all around the world love to wear Doe Deere’s makeup.

Doe Deere did an interview with The Bustle about her fashion sense. She spoke about the fact that she does not allow society to mold her; Doe Deere makes her own rules when it comes to fashion. There are many fashion rules that people believe that they have to follow, but Doe Deere does not agree with those rules. Some of these fashion rules are the following: never wear open-toed high-heeled shoes with socks, never wear colorful eye makeup and colorful lipstick, never wear different patterned clothing, never wear unnatural colored hair with bright clothes and bright makeup, always dress for the occasion, and always dress your age. Even though many people believe that these are fashion trends that must be followed, Doe Deere believes that she can unapologetically follow her own rules.

She loves to change the color of her hair and she generally mixes her crazy colored hair with bright and colorful makeup and clothing. Doe Deere has always been a fan of socks, and she generally chooses to pair her cool and unusual socks with open toed shoes. Doe Deere loves to dress in any way that makes her feel happy and fun; it does not matter if it is the right outfit for the occasion or if anyone feels like she’s not dressing her age. Doe Deere does not allow society to control the way she looks or feels.