Helping María Irene Fornés


This has been making its way around Facebook, but for those who don’t know, the iconic artist María Irene Fornés has been suffering through the late stages of Alzheimer’s. While that’s tragic enough, due to her worsening condition (reportedly she’d stopped eating, due to depression and isolation), she was moved to Robinson Terrace, a nursing home in Stamford, NY, quite a ways away from her friends and colleagues in the city. In an effort to support her in what is likely the last stage of her life, Morgan Jenness and others have been arranging rides for her friends, followers, and those inspired by her example, to visit her. The easiest way to find out information, or so I’ve seen (and readers can provide me more information by emailing jeremy(at) is to follow this Facebook page, for a documentary about the artist, which has become a makeshift clearinghouse. Also, it looks Jenness has started a Google Group for coordinating visits.

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