There, There at The Chocolate Factory is Totally Freaking Awesome.


One day everyone will realize that Kristen Kosmas is one of the most singularly gifted, unique and important “playwrights” of her generation. And I am using the word “playwright” because it is, at the moment, the most familiar label for people who write words that are performed on a stage. But it is wholly insufficient to describe what Kristen does as a writer, much less performer, much less all-around artist and creator of ephemeral, time-based art objects. Thanks to Brian Rogers and Vallejo Gantner for commissioning this new piece. Thanks to Paul Willis for directing and the rest of the people who made this show possible. If you want to see and hear what REAL writing is and extraordinary performance with not a single wasted moment, syllable or gesture, if you want to see what theater CAN be rather than what most people settle for, see this show at The Chocolate Factory.

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